Everything Perfect Today 

#MiracleChallenge – Week 3 : Writing Prompt no. 2

I put on a brave face today

I dressed up, put on makeup 

I look perfect today. 
I won’t be brought down,

I am not going to cry or frown,

I’m in a perfect mood today. 


I take on the streets 

I walk like I own the block. 

It’s behind me, trying to mock me 

But I don’t care, this feeling of freedom is too sweet. 
It has been long 

Since I could finally back up one of my decisions 

Today was the perfect day 

And I didn’t even have to lit a candle 

Didn’t have to pray 

To keep that dark ball away. 

The first raindrop 

Then more and more 

The dark ball is increasing, 


“You forgot your umbrella 

As expected you can’t do a thing right… ”

I start doubting, 


Bow down and take the road back. 
And now my perfect dress, 

So bright, it competed with the sun

So white, it could be used as light 

Is now soaked, dull and tainted

By the rain, by the dark ball behind me 

And mostly by me 

Because once again I betrayed me.
But I looked perfect today 

And it was a perfect day  


Taking the challenge 

So I was wandering here when I saw Miracle’s post about a writing challenge. 

You can read it here :

“MiracleChallenge Week – 3” dated 28th June, 2016 – http://wp.me/p7uUNQ-kM

I liked the idea, at least it appealed to me so I’ll be taking this challenge and try to do every prompts on this week’s challenge. 

I’ll be trying to blend my day’s concerns with the topic (s) he’ll give, let’s see how this turns out. 

Intro to the #MiracleChallenge 

… To the drain 

#MiracleChallenge – Week 3 : writing prompt no. 1

Why did you call me now…? ”

It’s been days since I’ve been trying to forget about you but to me it felt like decades and centuries. 

I’ve been visited every night by the hurting, the malicious words, the nasty behaviors. Every time I’d  close my eyes and try to relax, I’d see our constant fighting, our bad disputes and I’d see you walking out and swearing of never coming back. 

I waited and called, I waited and texted, I waited and inquired about you from everyone who might know you, I waited and cried and now that I’ve decided to move on, my phone is ringing and the only thing I couldn’t get rid of -your phone number – is lighting up to my face, mocking my efforts and taking my heart once again to the drain. I was petrified, I couldn’t answer but I know you’ll call again. I’m scared, I’ve shattered in millions of pieces all over the place 

Why did you call me now?! ”

Why did you have to now???

Lazy or depressed – outside view

I don’t know if I had ever say this here before but I’m a really lazy person.
Where does depression take action or where is it all to blame to laziness is one of the dilemmas making it difficult for my environment to even believe I’m l

One morning, I opened my eyes early in the morning. Sleep had vanished away and there were no more reasons to stay in bed. I still stayed in bed though and 16 hours later, I was still there. => depression
One morning as I was getting ready for work, I realized I was already late. I looked into the mirror and noticed my pale face showing the signs of my recovering from a bad flu. I decided to stay home and put it on illness. As the day went by, I realized I never left my room, getting my mother to nurse me. I hadn’t speak a word all day and even cried.  => laziness that turned into depression
One day at school, there was a big pit  and I almost fell into it. Many people attended to me, thinking I had dark thoughts. => laziness since I was so sleepy, I never bothered to look where I was going.

Those are outside views. It’s kinda hard when you look at it this way to figure out someone’s struggles, specially if they mastered the poker face.

Karma – Part 13

3 years later, good news and bad news.
Good news :
I’m working as my roommate’s assistant in the company, I get a higher pay than the previous job I had. I also have full authority over my ex supervisor who is now the head of my department. Turned out he’s involved in a secret relationship with the CEO’s husband. Quite trashy, right? Anyway, since I connected the dots, power has gone to my head and I’ve been more and more greedy.
My roommate is thinking of selling me her apartment and moving in with Arnoldo which would be awesome, I’ll have to take Jared in but he’ll be paying rent so it will still be advantageous.
Charlotte turned out to be some old rich family’s sweet pupil. Thank the Lord cause without her vouching for me I’d have lost the scholarship since I had failed the interview which had brought me down and made me retake a semester which caused my official scholarship revocation.
I also figured out that both of them were quite interested in me by now, which I used shamelessly to my advantage. Jared is slow to take action but only because he thinks a lot before while Charlotte is more of the impulsive type. We took a trip to the Middle East to visit one of her friends who saw right through my game. She disliked me deeply and let it known and before I knew it all the other friends hated me too. Which bummed me out since I’ve never been that hated before. I must say that my behavior changed radically.
Bad news :
As I said I lost the scholarship so I had to take a loan which increased my debts to the bank. They’re pretty sneaky and always learn about my problems right away. Daisy’s father has moved to the city under a fake name and a new look. With no other proofs than the obvious resemblance, there was no way to touch him. They never really had any other evidences on him other than his looks so if he comes back totally different, it’s sure that there’s not much they can do besides watching him and that had stopped long ago. At first, I was scared too but now that I know that his first priority is Daisy, I feel safer with my roommate moving out.
My ex supervisor’s lover heard that I knew about his affair and offered me a settlement which I agreed to, only downside I’m not legally allowed to tell anyone about their relationship and to blackmail any of them which is quite troublesome since I really want a promotion. The bank has been reclaiming it’s debts since the recession and if it continues like that I won’t even be able to buy food anymore.

In the present :
I’m now about to graduate and have to choose between Jared and Charlotte has a date to the dance that the comity of this year’s graduation major is throwing. First of all, why do I have to choose? If it’s Jared, I lose Charlotte’s connections and if it’s Charlotte, I lose Jared’s rent ; as you can see, none benefits me.
Another twist is that I overheard my head of department making a “sweet appointment ” with his lover and I just had a revenge plan that will get me to the top of my career at such a young age. I planned on sneaking up on them, taking pictures and get something out of it from the CEO. With the head of department gone, the next in line will be my roommate so all I have to do is make sure that she fails too. And I just happen to know the man who can throw her out of balance, yes you got it right : Daisy’s father. Only problem is the night of the dance is the same as the night of the appointment and Daisy’s father isn’t to be trusted, after all it had seemed he swore revenge on me too that night.

Father’s Day

It’s a wonderful thing to have a father figure
But not any father figure, an honest, hardworking, decent one ; one who can set an example. 
A father who’s first goal is his family and who’s family first gratefulness is him.
Yes, a family can still be completed without a dad, a father, but a family with a good father has happiness beyond

Father Tribute

Father’s Day coming soon
And I don’t even speak to him anymore
There are lot of people who agree that it’s better to have known your father and suffer than to haven’t at all
Some people even told me they wouldn’t mind having to be abused at the condition it was by the hand of their father.
They just want a man’s authority, missing a father figure so much they wouldn’t mind if he treated them like garbage, at least they could say “father treats me like garbage”
Well I don’t want to position myself publicly and say I’d prefer have grown with no father but so many times, did I thought it would have been a blessing not knowing him.
I think hard, I scratch my head over and over, I search my heart and the answer is still the same : I wouldn’t mind if I had never met him.
I never said it out loud but oh well I guess I let out this kind of vibe often

Karma – Part 12

“If there’s one thing I learned in life is there are rarely coincidences. In July, I was working in a summer camp for disabled kids and it was exhausting. Shout out to all those parents who have relentlessly been taking care of their disadvantaged kids. But my protege thought me something though, to never back down from the adversity and always grasp every opportunity.  Thank you Gabriel…”
This was a draft for an essay I had to write to impress the judges for this semester’s scholarship. It’s a bit rough  but I’m just putting ideas here and there, I still have one week left before the interview. The summer went on quite quickly, thanks to Charlotte and Jared, I’ve never had even one dull or boring moment, it’s like they’re in a competition over me. Concerning my roommate, I stopped teasing her and Arnoldo and it seems that they finally had the time to clear the air around them. Which doesn’t explain why she has been so gloomy and wary these past few days, it’s like when she thought Daisy’s father was spying on us.
Concerning my unemployment, I’m happy to say that I got a job at my ex company. I think it’s due to the fact that asked my ex supervisor his whereabouts that night I saw him kissing another guy. He was terrified when I told him I might saw him in the taxi that night, he never made physical contact with me again. Not that I’m complaining, the idea of selling my ass had quite troubled me. The only problem is that I got an intern’s position in another department. Things are quite slow, not to say boring, I don’t get paid and I don’t have much to do everyday. I’m starting to reconsider the arrangement I was offered.
Anyway, if the judges like my presentation, I won’t have to worry about the tuition but I still need to settle my debts with the bank and I’m only halfway to that.
For the moment, everything is going fine  but I think I should make preparations for when times get hard again.