Karma – Part 12

“If there’s one thing I learned in life is there are rarely coincidences. In July, I was working in a summer camp for disabled kids and it was exhausting. Shout out to all those parents who have relentlessly been taking care of their disadvantaged kids. But my protege thought me something though, to never back down from the adversity and always grasp every opportunity.  Thank you Gabriel…”
This was a draft for an essay I had to write to impress the judges for this semester’s scholarship. It’s a bit rough  but I’m just putting ideas here and there, I still have one week left before the interview. The summer went on quite quickly, thanks to Charlotte and Jared, I’ve never had even one dull or boring moment, it’s like they’re in a competition over me. Concerning my roommate, I stopped teasing her and Arnoldo and it seems that they finally had the time to clear the air around them. Which doesn’t explain why she has been so gloomy and wary these past few days, it’s like when she thought Daisy’s father was spying on us.
Concerning my unemployment, I’m happy to say that I got a job at my ex company. I think it’s due to the fact that asked my ex supervisor his whereabouts that night I saw him kissing another guy. He was terrified when I told him I might saw him in the taxi that night, he never made physical contact with me again. Not that I’m complaining, the idea of selling my ass had quite troubled me. The only problem is that I got an intern’s position in another department. Things are quite slow, not to say boring, I don’t get paid and I don’t have much to do everyday. I’m starting to reconsider the arrangement I was offered.
Anyway, if the judges like my presentation, I won’t have to worry about the tuition but I still need to settle my debts with the bank and I’m only halfway to that.
For the moment, everything is going fine  but I think I should make preparations for when times get hard again.


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