He will stretch his wings to cover when troubled times are viewed

Giving courage to the fearful heart forever standing near

Every Moment, Forever Jones


You’re every breath I breathe in

You’re every breath I breathe out

You’re every breath in me God

Every moment in Your hands

Every Moment, Forever Jones

You are in the midst of chaos

Hiding me beneath your feathers

You will keep my heart from failing

Every moment in your hands

Every Moment, Forever Jones

Late night Brewing

Now blessing some people’s heart and mind

I decide to stay quiet

Live long, live large, not my business anymore

I’m grown, don’t you ask me

Why am I almost begging?

An attitude, I doubt so
More so self-respect

What’s going on my mind

À lot of things are going on my mind but nothing I want to write about. And it makes me anxious. I used to be passionate about writing, filling notebooks after notebooks with ideas, diary entries, novels. It used to be a way to keep my mind clear, to express my feelings, to put a word on how I feel, help me understand my behavior and now, it doesn’t happen. It’s like a chore, I can barely write a page without being impatient and I almost never come back to any post pending… And it scares me.

Is it a phase? Is it my new way of life? I don’t know but it’s really not reassuring.

Have any of you ever gone through something like this?

Into This New Year

Today is the last day of December.

A lot has happened. A lot has changed. And as I’m still breathing, a lot has yet to come.

As always, New Year’s Eve has a nostalgic feel, it’s bittersweet.

This year, I’m not attending any festivities. A few appetizers and a glass of champagne when my family gets back from church and that’s it for me. I will not go to church nor will I be partying. But what I really want to do and will do is pray my way into this new year.

From 11h50 or 11h55 till after midnight, I will be praying. Probably reading scriptures, singing, praising, worshipping, asking for blessings, etc… If you’re not dropping a lot of Ave Marias or doing a specific prayer, well, 6 to 11 minutes is a long time to be praying to be honest, because most of the time, my personal prayers can easily end before 10 minutes.

I decided to do so after I watched a video of Nappyfutv saying that she’d be doing the same and encouraging her subscribers to do so. And I thought, wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if even 1% of those watching did that, it would be like a chain, like we’d all be holding hands and beginning this new year together with Jesus. A little family reunion. Our words, languages wouldn’t be the same but all of our souls would be walking in the same direction, towards the Father, with the Son and probably under the Holy Spirit’s influence. And this is a great idealistic picture that I want to be a part of.

Anyway, to all of you a happy, a better, a successful, healthy, positive, “blooming” and fulfilling new year. This year, let us trust, be patient and keep on going (He knows best). At least, that’s what I’ll try my hardest to do.

Oh, now look at me
and this opportunity
is standing right in front of me
But one thing I know
it’s only part luck and so
I’m putting on my best show
Under the spotlight
I’m starting my life
Big dreams becoming real tonight
So, look at me and this opportunity
You’re witnessing my moment, you see?
My big opportunity
Yeah, I won’t waste it
I guarantee

Sia, Opportunity (Annie OST)

We hide our weakness, we hide our sins

We feel the guilt but keep it away

We are just children small and afraid

The truth will unmask us and You love us the same

Secrets, Israel Houghton feat. Adrienne Houghton

We lie to our lovers
We lie to our friends
Hiding our pictures
And playing pretend
We keep our secrets
All to ourselves
Standing a distance so no one can tell

Secrets, Israel Houghton feat. Adrienne Houghton

And nobody knows us

And nobody will

We all keep pretending we’re better but still

We keep our secrets to cover our shame

You see the darkness and You love us the same

Secrets, Israel Houghton feat. Adrienne Houghton