#Sunday with the others 


A tale in my claustrophobia book

I don’t want to hear it

I don’t want to be pitied 

I reacted against my will I never meant to scream hysterically, cry and tremble like that. 

I couldn’t control any of those. When the door closed and I couldn’t get it to open, my heart broke and my mind went blank. There were no other ways to get out and the door wouldn’t open. 


I didn’t mean to act that way, it happened before I knew it. 

I kept it going for the 30mn I was blocked in there, and half the time after because my tears and sobbing wouldn’t stop. 

I know you all thought I was stupid and now I can’t bare your stares and I feel like I can read your thoughts. The eyes you used to look at me have changed and I feel ashamed..

News ranting 

I didn’t write for a long time and to be quite honest, it’s like I lost my touch. 

What’s going on with you? With me huh? Well, my education took a 180 degree turn and I have to transfer somewhere somehow. A part of my family is ganging up on me in favor of my father, the other part either remain silent or is indifferent to my troubles, which causes even more trouble for us all. My dog is basically giving life to insects, there are more tricks and fleas on her than Mother Nature has, she has an appointment this week, I hope she’ll get rid of them for good. I’m crushing hard on a book series, that is unfinished and seems like its about to be abandoned too. I’m still empathetic and a crybaby (I only need 2 seconds alone and I’ll be crying over stupid crap, water just overflows on its own, I’m getting dehydrated too fast). My sinus are really irritated lately which was the root to a few migraines that I could have lived without. 

That’s about how much I’m willing to share, since I even got lazier.