Father Tribute

Father’s Day coming soon
And I don’t even speak to him anymore
There are lot of people who agree that it’s better to have known your father and suffer than to haven’t at all
Some people even told me they wouldn’t mind having to be abused at the condition it was by the hand of their father.
They just want a man’s authority, missing a father figure so much they wouldn’t mind if he treated them like garbage, at least they could say “father treats me like garbage”
Well I don’t want to position myself publicly and say I’d prefer have grown with no father but so many times, did I thought it would have been a blessing not knowing him.
I think hard, I scratch my head over and over, I search my heart and the answer is still the same : I wouldn’t mind if I had never met him.
I never said it out loud but oh well I guess I let out this kind of vibe often


3 thoughts on “Father Tribute

  1. Miracle :) says:

    Happens. I too have a father who has just passed his name as initial. I feel that it’s better to have No father at all. But I still believe not all fathers are like that. Good people too exist. It’s our fate to raise with an invisible father.
    God bless you 🙂

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