… To the drain 

#MiracleChallenge – Week 3 : writing prompt no. 1

Why did you call me now…? ”

It’s been days since I’ve been trying to forget about you but to me it felt like decades and centuries. 

I’ve been visited every night by the hurting, the malicious words, the nasty behaviors. Every time I’d  close my eyes and try to relax, I’d see our constant fighting, our bad disputes and I’d see you walking out and swearing of never coming back. 

I waited and called, I waited and texted, I waited and inquired about you from everyone who might know you, I waited and cried and now that I’ve decided to move on, my phone is ringing and the only thing I couldn’t get rid of -your phone number – is lighting up to my face, mocking my efforts and taking my heart once again to the drain. I was petrified, I couldn’t answer but I know you’ll call again. I’m scared, I’ve shattered in millions of pieces all over the place 

Why did you call me now?! ”

Why did you have to now???


14 thoughts on “… To the drain 

  1. Miracle :) says:

    Extremely impressive first entry to #MiracleChallenge.
    I got swayed along with your emotions. I loved reading your repeated use of words ‘I waited and.. ‘. Similar line of story to another participant. But experienced the pain in your story too, in different way.
    And an apt title too.
    A huge applause for the perfect use of challenging sentence 👏👏👏😃

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  2. Miracle :) says:

    Reblogged this on miraclegirlblog and commented:
    Hello Everyone !

    Check out the latest post for #MiracleChallenge.

    A short story with feelings ‘To The Drain.’ for Challenge No. 1 from One Great Thinker (Laylah) for ‘Weekly Writing Miracle Challenge’ Week – 3.

    For those who are new to #MiracleChallenge, every Tuesday morning, I post new Writing prompts for 5 challenges to write a story and poem. Follow my blog and get the latest writing prompts for the week.

    Kindly, everyone read and inspire each other to write.

    Happy Blogging !

    Enjoy and have fun:)



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