Oh I used to think
(Oh she used to think)
What I wouldn’t give
(what wouldn’t she give)
for a moment like this?
This moment is gift

Sia, Opportunity (Annie OST)

Seeing Someone…

Seeing someone a few times, I have a few questions, my mind runs in circles.

What would you qualify as an introverted person?

How would you recognize a struggling person?

What situation is defined as helpless and in needing of a helping hand?

When is it seen as invading someone’s privacy and crossing their borders?

Should one feel guilt because you had and have not intervened?

How can one human being bring about so many thoughts and doubts in someone else’s mind?

Extra #Sunday

That quote spoke to me and I think that it probably does to a lot of you also. For a better understanding, here’s a less secluded version :

19. But Joseph said to them, “Do not fear, for am I in the place of God? 20. As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.

Genesis 50 : 19 – 20

Some background story : Joseph’s father had just died and he went to bury him in Canaan and just after he came back to Egypt, his brothers, in fear that he will seek revenge on them, came bowing so he wouldn’t harm them, now that their father is gone -Genesis 50.

Humanity being what it is, it’s sure that we will be wronged at least once, people will harm and hurt us (most of the time on purpose).

And that verse touched me personally in many ways :

1. Revenge. It shows that we should not seek revenge, because we are not God.

2. Purpose. Our screams, cries, pain and suffering will not be in vain because it is all part of God’s plan for something good that has yet to be accomplished.

3. Justice. While we should not avenge ourselves, we are dear to God and He will not let our enemies unpunished.

4. Compassion. Sometimes, life gets to us and we react the wrong way, we take bad decisions that later on we fill so bad about that we just can’t forgive ourselves. We feel like there’s no way we can ever repair our actions or the impact was too strong, too deep to ever be repaired. Joseph’s brothers were so quick to believe that their father was the only reason he never reacted while he had already healed. If we truly repent, if our desire to take responsibility for our actions is sincere and, not to forget, if we keep God within ourselves (not at home, not at church, but we invite him in our heart and value that relationship), we might not hit that big of a wall. The first step being the hardest to make, the walking the most strenuous to keep and the last step the easiest to forget and never accomplish. It will be difficult for sure, but you’ll eventually get there and all that journey will strengthen you and your faith.

4. Healing. It also shows that with time, with faith, if you don’t stop hoping and trying, no matter how deep the wound, how long the recovering, how bad the injury, how much it has messed us up, healing is possible. It will sting, it might scar, it will always bring back memories (sometimes unpleasant) but it will stop bleeding, it will heal. We will find the strength to move on. It also goes the other way around, our wounds might become somebody else’s burden and by allowing ourselves to move forward, we relieve that person at the same time

5. Success. Joseph had the worst beginning of all. He was betrayed, kidnapped, sold to a stranger and enslaved in another country and all of that by his own brothers because they were jealous of him. If that would have not inspired you a plot for another Revenge show, I don’t know what will ever spark that rage inside of you. Even though he had to go through many hardships that he would have many never encountered in life if that hadn’t happened, he ended up being someone the Pharaoh trusted completely, allowing him every one of his desires. That’s a great started-from-the-bottom-success story. It just shows that if you truly believe in God, in yourself and if you’re willing to work hard then you will reach your goals.

6. Impact / Inspiration. You never know who is watching or who’s point of view you might totally change. It’s not meant to be taken as you should live your life for others but how many of us a helping hand, a smile, a “good morning”, a cussing, an insult has changed our mood / our entire day? You do not need to live as a museum’s star feature or as a role model but as you become a better person, as you mature, as you continue on that right path, as you come back on your wrong steps, you’ll definitely help one or two, as small as your actions, as ordinary your words may be (hope I got my thought across correctly). Never did Joseph or his brothers thought that he could have done so much for so many, years later. Yet, his extreme rise not only benefited himself and his family but also all of Israel. Through him, the Lord came to the help of a nation.

7. Miscellaneous / Others. And it’s not over, this quote made me realize so many things that affect me personally, it destroyed a wall that was keeping me narrow-minded about my current situation.

I’m sure it might speak to you in many other ways also. It goes to show that the Lord’s Word will nourish you. It has the answers to questions, it comforts, it intrigues, it warns, it blesses, it help you praise, it inspires. You just need to know it so don’t forget to read it. Everyday would be the best but to everyone his pace.

Honey, it’s raining tonight
The storms always have an eye, have an eye
Tell me your cover tonight

I Want You To Know, Zedd feat. Selena Gomez