Call me blonde 

So I have FINALLY  and officially bleached my hair. 

My hair is now yellow and orange on some parts but my roots are black. 

I’m so happy that it turned out well, my curls loosened a bit but not too much damage. 

It seems like fake blonde suits me because I’ve received more compliments than criticisms. 

I was thinking of bleaching it again in two weeks so I could rapidly dye them grey within a month but I’m enjoying the color quite a bit so I’m thinking of letting it be for a little longer. 

Anyway, I’m really happy I finally took the first step and thrilled for the new changes to come. 


Hair Facts 

Sometimes you just feel like… 

And sometimes you’re in a certain mood only because… 

Now to my naturalista sisters out there, surely you heard this comment before  

Because of that, people tend / want to touch or smell our hair

Sometimes, they need twice the warning… And a bit of threatening 😜

One of the biggest discovery of my journey for great hair care

I personally think it’s a myth 

Now, while I do treat and care for my hair at home. I do seek help from time to time, whether it’s from a professional or from a person experienced in hair care, #shoutouttoyall

Attention : With bigger hair comes bigger responsibilities and… A lot of sass

But also a bigger head

Now, this pictures perfectly my obsession with my actual hair “state”

There’s something about accepting all of yourself, even if it’s hard. At the end of the day and of the struggles, you feel empowered. Because I have a crown people 👑 

Now, that’s just me bragging 😁 

Anyway, whatever hair you’re rocking 

A parting way influenced by Gossip Girl (no, I’m not into it!  Only watch a full season out of boredom😰. Okay, you’ll never catch me alive saying I like it  🤐)

Beer for my hair 🍻 

Maybe you have or haven’t hear it yet but yes people do use beer for their hair care. 
How do you use beer on your hair? 

As a rinse. When you’re done washing your hair and before you giving your hair this final cold rinse to close the cuticles. 
How do you do the beer rinse? 

It’s preferable to use flat beer (let it air a bit hours before). On clean and freshly washed hair, pour the beer on your hair and saturate your hair from roots to ends with it, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes than rinse it with cold water. Simple as that. 
Why put beer on my hair? 

The beer rinse basically gives you softer, shinier, straighter, fuller and glossy hair;  for the natural girls out there, beer rinse also gives your curls more bounce, strengthens them, condition them, stops dryness and frizz, and favors the curls’ natural form.

The reasons how? 

  • Beer contains biotin which helps prevent hair loss and also treats dandruff. 
  • Beer’s basic ingredients : malt and hops are full of protein that strengthen hair cuticles. 
  • Nutrients found in beer help repair dried out and damaged hair to its former state. 
  • The alcohol in beer contains a range of vitamins B that tightens the hair cuticles making them reflect light thus shiny and glossy hair. 
  • Beer contains sucrose and phosphor which also helps giving the hair body, making it voluminous and fuller. 
  • Nutrients found in beer makes hair softer and easy to detangle.

    Any downsides to the beer rinse? 

    Well yes and quite a few challenging too :

    • Beer odor. Beer contains alcohol, no doubt about that. Not only the benefits but also the smell will stick to your hair, leaving a kind of coming-ouf-of-a-frat-party perfume. 
    • Alcohol dries hair. The fact is that the  alcohol contained in the beer will strap your hair strands so be careful on the basis at which you use it. Some people recommend to use low alcohol beer or to use the beer rinse non frequently or to boil the beer first to prevent dryness.
    • Beer makes my hair feels rough. Remember beer is full of protein hence a beer rinse will act as much as a mini protein that as a conditioning treatment so yeah it will gives you also a bit of roughness. On the other side, if it feels tough too then it’s due to the fact that the beer is still carbonated which means the beer isn’t flat, let it air dry a few more hours next time. 
    • The benefits last as long as the beer is still present on your hair. If you wash your hair again, bye bye beer molecules attached to your locks. 
    • It doesn’t work for me. Well there are no miracle treatments, it might take a few times for it to work for you or you can also use one of the alternatives. 

      What about your own experience? 

      Well I already made the beer rinse 3 or 4 times and it works wonderfully on my hair even the time when I failed to successfully decarbonate the beer or that time I rinsed it automatically after (the effects didn’t last long though). 

      My hair gets shinier, softer, easier to handle it and it definitely strengthens them. I saw the results since the first time I’ve been using them. They weren’t really noticeable though but I could feel the benefits.
      You said there were alternatives? 

      Indeed, there are. 

      1. Beer as shampoo. Boil a cup of beer until there’s only a quarter left (the alcohol would have evaporated). After it had cooled, mix it with a cup of shampoo and use as much as usual to wash your hair. 
      2. Beer as conditioner. Mix a cup of beer with a teaspoon of jojoba oil. Shampoo your hair as usual then pour the beer mixture on your hair, massage your hair like you use to  and rinse it off with water (it’s recommended to not rinse it off completely and to leave it in the hair for a better effect).  
      3. Beer as leave-in. Mix beer with water and a few drops of any essential oil (to mask the smell), bottle it and spritz it on your hair whenever you need it. 
      4. Another beer rinse (hides the smell) :
      5. 1 cup of distilled water
      6. 1 flat beer
      7. 2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
      8. 7 drops lemon essential oil (or your favorite scent – optional since the apple cider vinegar will already do a good job at that).                       Directions: Shampoo and rinse hair as usual. Pour the beer mixture on your hair and work it through. Rinse with lukewarm, not hot, water. Do this once a month for healthy strands. Source 

      Still not convinced? 

      Visit :

      Tips 01

      Hair journey is a bit of a hassle :
      People with slick hair want volume, people with voluminous hair want handling
      People with thin hair want a less fine hair
      People with dense hair want a more manageable hair
      People with natural hair want a less troubling hair

      And to achieve this, there are lots of hacks :
      To have voluminous hair, it’s best to use rolls set or a curling iron.
      Voluminous and dense hair can be kept in updos or braids, hairstyles that allows the less handling possible. You can also depend on good moisturizers.
      Thin and flat hair are a real nightmare for their handlers because they find them dull and lifeless. Onion, garlic, oatmeal, plain yogurt, eggs and avocado are a few of the ingredients that have a good result on those hair. It supposedly makes it grow stronger and gives you more hair (giving you overtime a dense and thicker hair).
      And finally natural hair is a bit of long journey requiring an alternating regimen between moisturizing and protein routines.

      Well those are tricks I learned from handling a lot of my friends’ hair and from hours of research 😉
      Maybe it will help you too😇☺

      Acid also kills

      You might have heard that acidic solutions between a pH of 4 and 5 is best for your hair because it’s near your hair’s pH. It has the best moisturizing effect and keep it strong. At the top list of the most recommended products that actually have a pH of 4.5 are lemon, Aloe Vera and Apple Cider Vinegar.
      I’ve been using Aloe Vera since always. My family loves plants and with the tropical weather here, it grows pretty much easily and everywhere. So getting it on my hair wasn’t really a new achievement, I already knew how great it worked already, same for the lemon. Now apple cider vinegar, that’s something else. I used to give my relaxed hair a final rinse mixed with a bottle cap of white vinegar or lemon. And I could see the good results, it basically looks shinier and a bit soft. So in my quest of new long lasting moisturizing products and experimenting (mostly that), I bought a bottle.


      Regular sized bottle, nothing too fancy.
      First wash day, I put two bottle caps in a jug sized water container and rinse my hair with it. After that, I mixed it with my living conditioner and water and put it in my hair as part of my L.O.C. method routine. Worked like a charm, by the end of the second week my hair was soft, less dried and more shiny. There was only one problem, I was experiencing more hair loss than usual.
      Next wash day, I didn’t use it in the rinse, but included it in my bottle mix with my Cantu leave in conditioner and water, I was careful to put less than two bottle caps and continued my routine as usual. I twisted my hair and kept it like that the whole week, the next week I did a twist out and it was amazing. My hair was definitely soft, less tangled, the color was popping, it was shinier and less hair loss. I began to understand that the apple cider vinegar could be as much as a help that it could be a nuisance.
      Third wash day, used one bottle cap in the rinse, one bottle cap in the bottle mix and left my hair in an afro. When I say it was definitely a game changer. By the end of the week, my hair was a bit dry but way less than usual, way less tangled, way shinier, way softer. It was like a miracle. I also experienced less hair loss. I started to look at my hair loss and I noticed that it was really really soft, I understood that it had rotten.
      It’s true there’s something as over moisturizing and I experienced it first hand. In the end, I’m still learning how to balance this great product with my moisturizing routine. And I got that one bottle cap works best for my hair. Apple cider vinegar is a miracle worker but it’s best to be used on dry and hot days, you really see the difference those days.  Since it retains moisture really well, it should really be avoided on humid days.

      Right amount of protein

      Hair was a bit dull. It was well moisturized but it fell like it missed something.
      It hit me “Protein Treatment”, it’s been a while since my last one so maybe it’s what it lacks.
      Not willing to pay for an actual good cosmetic treatment, I consulted my favorite bloggers and Google on the matter of a good DIY.
      Last season avocado was all over the place, so I might have been a total avocado psycho, killing lots and lots of them (sorry tree). So I decided to choose another alternative, the only things left were the hydrolyzed proteins (a bit expensive), plain yogurt (not too sure about that), eggs and mayonnaise (really not fond of that). Unfortunately I already had these two at home so it narrowed my options. I’m really not into mayonnaise so it was out of question to put it in my hair, I really do hate the smell too (unlucky me should had maybe go with it). Eggs it was then.


      DIY Egg Protein Treatment
      1 egg
      2 tbs olive oil
      1 tbs honey

      For oily hair, it’s recommended to only use white egg and for really dry hair the egg yolk. (I didn’t mind the whole egg)

      I chose this recipe because of the really moisturizing ability of the honey (humectant) and because of my withdrawal of coconut oil addiction. See for yourself the benefits :
      The yolk, rich in fats and proteins, is naturally moisturizing, while the white, which contains bacteria-eating enzymes, removes unwanted oils.
      AN EMOLLIENT (natural softener). It acts as a great conditioner and improves the health of hair follicles, the starting point for hair growth.
      AN ANTIOXIDANT. It keeps your scalp healthy, promoting hair growth!
      A HUMECTANT. It prevents the loss of moisture from your scalp.
      A PSORIASIS AND DANDRUFF FIGHTER because of its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.
      Olive Oil
      Olive oil is a natural ingredient that offers benefits when consumed, and when applied on the skin and hair. When olive oil is used as a mask and allowed to soak into the hair, it improves its look, feel and manageability. Olive oil is a rich emollient that conditions the hair and makes it easy to comb. It also adds shine and prevents breakage.

      Since the solution seemed insufficient for my really dense hair I doubled the recipe. I used two eggs, 2 full tbs of olive oil and what seemed like 2 to 3 tbs of honey. Put it on my hair under a plastic cap for a full hour. I rinsed it with cold water, applied my cleansing shampoo then my moisturizing shampoo, followed by an olive oil deep conditioning treatment.
      Everything went smoothly, my hair felt stronger, it looked like a real success.
      I moisturized my hair by doing a variation of the LOC treatment then braided it. I spent 2 weeks with my braided hair and washed it today. Well lots of hair shaft came out.
      What went wrong?
      1) Might be the use of too much protein since protein can also brittle hair when it exceeds in hair.
      2) Might be the use of too much oil. When I put my fingers in my hair, they were really oily. Too much amount of oil stops the absorption of moisture which can explain my dehydrated hair.
      3) Lack of moisture. Since I braided and already did the heavy weekly treatment, I never really stopped to observe anything. And protein treatments tend to usually dry my hair a bit.
      It might even be a combination of these three.

      PS : The egg in itself could have been the problem since the protein molecules it contains could have been too big to penetrate the hair shaft and therefore might have sit on my hair this whole time; hence maybe my little regret for not using mayonnaise where the protein molecules are smaller. It does kind of work despite that inconvenient.

      There are no perfect treatments. For a treatment to work perfectly on your hair, you need to first know your hair, its needs, its strengths so you can balance your routine efficiently. And not to forget that a treatment on itself won’t miraculously ameliorate your hair condition, it’s the persistent day by day and weekly gestures that keeps it all from falling of your head (lol).

      Hair challenges

      I cut my hair on November, almost December (might be early December) last year (sorry I meant two years ago).
      I had like 2 to 3 inches of hair.
      I was happy though. I finally got natural, transitioning was starting to get on my nerves and I couldn’t wait to see my natural hair.
      It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
      I had fun coming up with ways to keep my hair healthy and to procure lots of love to it. I’m actually really in love with my hair.
      This might be why it grew well. It’s not where I want it to be though (between 4
      16″ and 20″, haven’t messaged it in a while) but we’re getting there. Or maybe it felt like if it didn’t I would get it chemically processed again.
      Truth is I love long hair. That’s not a goal or a wish.
      It’s how things are supposed to be or get.
      So maybe unconsciously I’ve been treating my hair to this goal.
      I have porous, elastic, medium length black coily hair. As much as I know a lot about these stuffs, it didn’t really help me in my regimen. Knowledge doesn’t hurt though.

      So what are my 2016 hair goals?
      None. I haven’t prepared anything. I’m just going with the flow. But as much as I love my hair and have been struggling to get it where it is, I won’t hold back on my own desires.

      So what are my desires?
      For now, it’s just to color my hair grey. Process is in motion but not done yet.
      I also want to straighten it so I can really note the length.
      I’m thinking about a haircut too, reshaping maybe.
      I also want to keep my hair healthy so an intense conditioning, moisturizing and repairing treatment would be added too.

      So what is really the challenge?
      The challenge is to keep being happy with my hair while keeping it healthy and not letting the visible progress get to my head.
      That should be it.