Karma – Part 13

3 years later, good news and bad news.
Good news :
I’m working as my roommate’s assistant in the company, I get a higher pay than the previous job I had. I also have full authority over my ex supervisor who is now the head of my department. Turned out he’s involved in a secret relationship with the CEO’s husband. Quite trashy, right? Anyway, since I connected the dots, power has gone to my head and I’ve been more and more greedy.
My roommate is thinking of selling me her apartment and moving in with Arnoldo which would be awesome, I’ll have to take Jared in but he’ll be paying rent so it will still be advantageous.
Charlotte turned out to be some old rich family’s sweet pupil. Thank the Lord cause without her vouching for me I’d have lost the scholarship since I had failed the interview which had brought me down and made me retake a semester which caused my official scholarship revocation.
I also figured out that both of them were quite interested in me by now, which I used shamelessly to my advantage. Jared is slow to take action but only because he thinks a lot before while Charlotte is more of the impulsive type. We took a trip to the Middle East to visit one of her friends who saw right through my game. She disliked me deeply and let it known and before I knew it all the other friends hated me too. Which bummed me out since I’ve never been that hated before. I must say that my behavior changed radically.
Bad news :
As I said I lost the scholarship so I had to take a loan which increased my debts to the bank. They’re pretty sneaky and always learn about my problems right away. Daisy’s father has moved to the city under a fake name and a new look. With no other proofs than the obvious resemblance, there was no way to touch him. They never really had any other evidences on him other than his looks so if he comes back totally different, it’s sure that there’s not much they can do besides watching him and that had stopped long ago. At first, I was scared too but now that I know that his first priority is Daisy, I feel safer with my roommate moving out.
My ex supervisor’s lover heard that I knew about his affair and offered me a settlement which I agreed to, only downside I’m not legally allowed to tell anyone about their relationship and to blackmail any of them which is quite troublesome since I really want a promotion. The bank has been reclaiming it’s debts since the recession and if it continues like that I won’t even be able to buy food anymore.

In the present :
I’m now about to graduate and have to choose between Jared and Charlotte has a date to the dance that the comity of this year’s graduation major is throwing. First of all, why do I have to choose? If it’s Jared, I lose Charlotte’s connections and if it’s Charlotte, I lose Jared’s rent ; as you can see, none benefits me.
Another twist is that I overheard my head of department making a “sweet appointment ” with his lover and I just had a revenge plan that will get me to the top of my career at such a young age. I planned on sneaking up on them, taking pictures and get something out of it from the CEO. With the head of department gone, the next in line will be my roommate so all I have to do is make sure that she fails too. And I just happen to know the man who can throw her out of balance, yes you got it right : Daisy’s father. Only problem is the night of the dance is the same as the night of the appointment and Daisy’s father isn’t to be trusted, after all it had seemed he swore revenge on me too that night.


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