Taking the challenge 

So I was wandering here when I saw Miracle’s post about a writing challenge. 

You can read it here :

“MiracleChallenge Week – 3” dated 28th June, 2016 – http://wp.me/p7uUNQ-kM

I liked the idea, at least it appealed to me so I’ll be taking this challenge and try to do every prompts on this week’s challenge. 

I’ll be trying to blend my day’s concerns with the topic (s) he’ll give, let’s see how this turns out. 

Intro to the #MiracleChallenge 


5 thoughts on “Taking the challenge 

  1. Miracle :) says:

    Welcome ! Welcome !

    That’s so sweet of you for a lovely intro to #MiracleChallenge.

    And it seems you have doubt whether am He or She 😅
    Am a girl 😉 To know more about me, you can read my ABOUT amd LIEBSTER AWARD posts.

    Hey ! Btw how should I call you?

    Miracle 😇


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