Keep quiet and wait for… 

Everyone has to face a nasty situation, a situation where your opponent has overpowered you and you don’t seem to find any way out head high, the only solution is to admit defeat, swallow your pride, bow down, run away heads down and therefore enter the club of shame. 

At those difficult times, if you weren’t in the wrong, some people will still encourage you, trying to help you get better. If you ever mention revenge or something similar then the wisest ones, the peaceful ones, the calm ones, those types of people will surely say something alike :

“Karma will take care of them”, “God’s will we prevail”, “Don’t worry, they’ll have it coming” or “What goes around comes around”.

Although, it might come true in the future, most of the time the villain still reigns until he’s no more. Life ain’t Pokemon where Jessie and James always end up flying into the sky, it’s not a telenovela where the antagonist ends up punished or in jail or dead and it surely is not a fairytale where you’re always certain the good ones will vanquish and the evil ones lose everything in the end. Life is a constant battle for balance. 

There has to be some sort of cohabitation of two opposites so life can still go on. 

So humans could die, God cursed them with illnesses and such; so the insects and animal don’t over multiply, they all have natural predators lurking to kill and eat them; so the planet could still goes on living, it alternates between ice ages and warm ones; and so on… 

There has to be a bit of bad so you can appreciate the good, there’s this popular saying : “So there can be highs, there has to be lows.” You need to know what is sadness to treasure happiness and you need to experience hurting so you can taste relief. There needs to be the night so you can value the day and there needs to be shadows so you can esteem light. 

I’m not saying that you should lose hope or at contrary get revenge, I’m just saying that if you noticed that the situation is still the same, well it’s not that you’re unlucky, it’s not that you’re cursed or being punished, it’s more like something has to happen and be done in order for things to get better in the future; after all, massive amounts of slaves had to be mistreated, killed, tortured in order for us to value freedom and finally admit equality for every human being no matter their backgrounds, nationalities or skin color.

In the meantime, keep moving forward. 


Karma – Part 14

My heart once belonged to my family. I had values, I put my faith in my efforts and had hope for the future. But now, I’m almost as rotten as those I used to pray for at church. Now, I’m the master puppeteer, plotting and pulling the strings from the shadows. And the only motivation I need is my greed. 

I chose not to attend all the dance. I chose to spy on my department chief. I chose to betray him to promote my career. By not really going to the dance, it was obvious that I would not spend it with Charlotte or Jared and I could see from here their disappointed face, unfortunately for them, this sight didn’t weight very much in my balance. I also chose to betray my roommate. That night, I made the worst decisions of my life and that night led to all my regrets. I wish I never lived that night. 

First, I dressed awesomely. I looked stunning. Despite the fact that my friends were expecting me to choose between one of them, I spent my only  hour at the dance having fun with everybody. I took pictures, talked to everyone, made myself memorable. When I was sure that the attendees would remember me there, I took French leave. I made sure nobody saw me leave so I could possibly argue that I was there until the end. The perfect alibi. 

I walked a few blocks, turned right and climb into a black car. Daisy’s father obviously had it well to be able to afford such a beautiful car. On our way to my apartment, we discussed the plan again. As planned, I gave him the copy of the key I made for him. With this key, he would enter our apartment, scare Daisy’s mother enough for her to feel insecure about living in this city and move away. This way, we would both have what we wanted. 

After that, I would sneak in the hotel and put camera recorders, in the room the chief and his lover had rented, with the help of a maid I already paid good money for it. All that was left to do would be to monitor the recording from afar, burn it in a CD and anonymously send it from another city to the CEO. 

All of those were done, until I got stopped at the train station by Jared and Charlotte. Apparently, they had been following me since I left the dance. More like Charlotte had been following me since the beginning. What happened was they weren’t satisfied with my carefree behavior at the dance. The stupid competition they had been into couldn’t be settled with a draw, they needed a clear winner. So they followed me with the unbreakable determination to force me choose but little did they know what I was setting in motion. 

When they saw me get out of a strange man’s car in front of my apartment, not actually go to my apartment but head to the city and watch the man walk to my apartment, they thought it was odd. So Jared got out of the car to make sure everything was okay and Charlotte continued tailing me. It seems like things went sour between my roommate and her baby’s daddy so Jared had to intervene. Everything turned out disastrously and it was an alarmed Jared that had talked to Charlotte before hopping in the first cab in direction of the train station. I had already bought my ticket when Charlotte hailed my name. I was surprised but decided to ignore it and keep on moving. Well, it was the plan but stubborn Charlotte walked to me and turned me around. She looked anxious and pale. 

“Don’t do it… “ she says. I feigned ignorance but she was persistent. “I need you to come with me instead”, she added but I still wouldn’t listen. “I have to go. “, I firmly replied. I turned my back and was about to walk away when Jared forcefully spin me around. With his hands still on my shoulders and gazing at me with a predator’s stare, he briefly ordered : “You can’t go. ” .  I was sincerely shocked. Never did I saw Jared with such a severe and serious look on his face, he never touched me this way before nor had he ever talked to me that harshly and it made weird. Part of me felt warm, almost hot, excited and wanted to know and feel more but the other part felt nervous and insecure like he had unlocked something inside that I never knew about. And I got confused, angry. I wanted for him to talk to me more, to touch me more but I couldn’t possibly come to terms with those sudden urges and emotions so I pushed him off. “Let me go “, I said, furiously and desperately, fighting back. But he gripped my arm and repeated the same words again “You can’t go”.

Charlotte nervously spilled everything. How Daisy’s father freaked my roommate out so bad that, and in a moment of folly, she attacked him. He didn’t expect such instability from her and was caught off guard, the blade of the knife got unhesitatingly in his neck, cutting the artery. He bled rapidly to death. My roommate had been arrested for deliberate murder and the only way for her to prove her innocence was for me to come to the station and confess. But I didn’t want to sacrifice more for my roommate. No, I didn’t want things to turn out this way and yes, I was really sad for her but admitting what I knew would get in the way of my plan so I refused. My decision led to a big ugly and loud argument, between Charlotte, Jared and I, which ended with me difficulty and decidedly walking away and finally boarding the train. 

Karma – Part 13

3 years later, good news and bad news.
Good news :
I’m working as my roommate’s assistant in the company, I get a higher pay than the previous job I had. I also have full authority over my ex supervisor who is now the head of my department. Turned out he’s involved in a secret relationship with the CEO’s husband. Quite trashy, right? Anyway, since I connected the dots, power has gone to my head and I’ve been more and more greedy.
My roommate is thinking of selling me her apartment and moving in with Arnoldo which would be awesome, I’ll have to take Jared in but he’ll be paying rent so it will still be advantageous.
Charlotte turned out to be some old rich family’s sweet pupil. Thank the Lord cause without her vouching for me I’d have lost the scholarship since I had failed the interview which had brought me down and made me retake a semester which caused my official scholarship revocation.
I also figured out that both of them were quite interested in me by now, which I used shamelessly to my advantage. Jared is slow to take action but only because he thinks a lot before while Charlotte is more of the impulsive type. We took a trip to the Middle East to visit one of her friends who saw right through my game. She disliked me deeply and let it known and before I knew it all the other friends hated me too. Which bummed me out since I’ve never been that hated before. I must say that my behavior changed radically.
Bad news :
As I said I lost the scholarship so I had to take a loan which increased my debts to the bank. They’re pretty sneaky and always learn about my problems right away. Daisy’s father has moved to the city under a fake name and a new look. With no other proofs than the obvious resemblance, there was no way to touch him. They never really had any other evidences on him other than his looks so if he comes back totally different, it’s sure that there’s not much they can do besides watching him and that had stopped long ago. At first, I was scared too but now that I know that his first priority is Daisy, I feel safer with my roommate moving out.
My ex supervisor’s lover heard that I knew about his affair and offered me a settlement which I agreed to, only downside I’m not legally allowed to tell anyone about their relationship and to blackmail any of them which is quite troublesome since I really want a promotion. The bank has been reclaiming it’s debts since the recession and if it continues like that I won’t even be able to buy food anymore.

In the present :
I’m now about to graduate and have to choose between Jared and Charlotte has a date to the dance that the comity of this year’s graduation major is throwing. First of all, why do I have to choose? If it’s Jared, I lose Charlotte’s connections and if it’s Charlotte, I lose Jared’s rent ; as you can see, none benefits me.
Another twist is that I overheard my head of department making a “sweet appointment ” with his lover and I just had a revenge plan that will get me to the top of my career at such a young age. I planned on sneaking up on them, taking pictures and get something out of it from the CEO. With the head of department gone, the next in line will be my roommate so all I have to do is make sure that she fails too. And I just happen to know the man who can throw her out of balance, yes you got it right : Daisy’s father. Only problem is the night of the dance is the same as the night of the appointment and Daisy’s father isn’t to be trusted, after all it had seemed he swore revenge on me too that night.

Karma – Part 12

“If there’s one thing I learned in life is there are rarely coincidences. In July, I was working in a summer camp for disabled kids and it was exhausting. Shout out to all those parents who have relentlessly been taking care of their disadvantaged kids. But my protege thought me something though, to never back down from the adversity and always grasp every opportunity.  Thank you Gabriel…”
This was a draft for an essay I had to write to impress the judges for this semester’s scholarship. It’s a bit rough  but I’m just putting ideas here and there, I still have one week left before the interview. The summer went on quite quickly, thanks to Charlotte and Jared, I’ve never had even one dull or boring moment, it’s like they’re in a competition over me. Concerning my roommate, I stopped teasing her and Arnoldo and it seems that they finally had the time to clear the air around them. Which doesn’t explain why she has been so gloomy and wary these past few days, it’s like when she thought Daisy’s father was spying on us.
Concerning my unemployment, I’m happy to say that I got a job at my ex company. I think it’s due to the fact that asked my ex supervisor his whereabouts that night I saw him kissing another guy. He was terrified when I told him I might saw him in the taxi that night, he never made physical contact with me again. Not that I’m complaining, the idea of selling my ass had quite troubled me. The only problem is that I got an intern’s position in another department. Things are quite slow, not to say boring, I don’t get paid and I don’t have much to do everyday. I’m starting to reconsider the arrangement I was offered.
Anyway, if the judges like my presentation, I won’t have to worry about the tuition but I still need to settle my debts with the bank and I’m only halfway to that.
For the moment, everything is going fine  but I think I should make preparations for when times get hard again.

Karma – Part 11

If I could resume my day in one word, I would say blissful.
Today, I got a surprised call from a friend back home. He was coming here and needed a place to crash. I said I’d help, because I’d be able to kill two birds with one stone. First, he was of great support when I was in town and second, I have an idea of where he could go and with that, I’ll be able to tease my roommate and Arnoldo more.
Then I went to pick up Charlotte at the dock. She took the ferry and didn’t know how to get to the park. On my way over, I think I saw Arnoldo but I wasn’t sure. Normally I’d walk to the man and ask but I was in a hurry. I had to pick up Charlotte at the dock, then Jared at the train station and bring them to the family park next to home.
I’m happy Charlotte talked me into organizing the party, glad I get to finally return the favor to Jared and get to tease the “lovely” couple right under my nose.
Frankly, it went well. Charlotte seemed a bit uncomfortable though, it would happen that she’d behave strangely. Jared was his usual friendly but reserved self ; on the other hand, my roommate was fretful and Arnoldo was awkward, the perfect atmosphere for me to bother them..
At the end of the day, the BBQ was enjoyable. The food was good, everybody’s mood came around and we had a great time.
But somehow, I just know this won’t ever happen again.

Karma Part 11 – (Charlotte’s POV 2/2)

I was waiting nervously by the dock. She promised she would come and pick me up. Today was the day I finally get to spend some time with her (and the cooks), but I’d still get to be with her.
She came almost running, she was 10mn late sure but there was no need to be in such a rush.
Maybe she just wanted to be together soon too.
That thought made me blush, of course it wasn’t the reason, I was the only creep expecting more here and creating excuses so I can see her. She approached me, it seems like she was floating, she looked so light and cheerful, simply adorable. She excused herself because she was late but also because we’ll have to make a stop and pick up some friend of hers that would also attend the food tasting. I kept smiling but the truth is I was furious inside.
Who was this friend and why did he have to come too?
We walked fastly to the station. It seems like the friend was from her hometown. There’s no way I could compete with that : first love is unforgettable. I sat on a bench while she was trying to locate him. She suddenly started to wave and in no time she was embracing some cute guy. He was really happy to see her. I could see it in his eyes, he deeply loves her. His eyes are warm and sweet and locked on her, there’s no mistaken : he’s a clear rival.  Albeit, she didn’t seem to act differently around him, she treated him more like a special friend. It was obvious he was dear to her but more like a pet’s love : lifetime friendzone.
This new piece of evidence made me shudder and gloat :
I have all my chances, she’s definitely not in love with him.
But at the same time, it makes you wonder if he -who lived near her, knew her since she was little, had history with her- is still friends with her while it’s certain he wants more, do I -who was just a mere stranger some weeks ago- have any chance of actually winning her?
Those thoughts troubled me a lot and before I knew it we were at the park. She introduced us to the cooks : one was a hot middle-aged foreigner while the other was a really beautiful woman. They were both awkward before we came in which kinda gives out their relationship (either they’re still trying, either they broke up). But what really surprised me was her transformation as soon as she got there.
She became a quota mischievous, she had that sexy evil grin and obviously enjoyed teasing those two. I wonder which one made her react like this.
I was getting jealous. The cooks, the boy, there were too many people involved now. I kinda wished I could tell them all to leave the both of us alone.
But it would be stupid and idiotic. I’m only just an acquaintance throwing a party with her.  There’s no way, I’ll ever have the right to say something like that.
So I smiled and faked my enthusiasm through the day.

Karma – In Between 2

I wonder if you’d still like me if you knew the real me. Would you still live with me?  Wouldn’t you be disgusted if you knew anything of my past? If you knew what I did to one of your loved ones…
Today, I went back to Jared’s company. Just because I lost control and tried to redeem myself doesn’t mean I have to start anew. I just have to rectify what I’ve done wrong. Only after that, will I be able to successfully move on. Moreover, I deserve any bad treatment I might receive. Wearing my best suit, I look dignified, nobody would have guess that  clumsy old-to-be-an-intern was me. I looked more like a business partner, at least I won’t embarrass him.
Jared and I haven’t seen each other since that last fight at the train station. I chose wealth, comfort and… vices over him, over them. I wonder if he’s still seeing her, my cheerful friend. What am I thinking!?  She adopted Daisy! Of course, he’s still with her, probably married now. They gave her a home.
I walked straight to the receptionist and asked if I could see the president, she condescendantly looked at me and asked if I had an appointment. I said no but replied I was an old friend of him, she carefully looked at me, asked for my name and called his secretary. That suit was a good choice. She told me to wait in the lobby. I only had been sitting for 15mn, when someone came looking for me. It was her. She looked so different from before : neat, impeccable,  professional with a dash of color. That made me smile. She looked at me surprised then told me to follow her, which I did. There were pictures of her and Jared at their numerous activities on the wall. We arrived at a huge office. It’s true that she had knee problems since the incident. She couldn’t possibly take the stairs and she wasn’t really an elevator person (again, a unique and old attrait lure of hers). She closed the doors behind me and right after, from another door came Jared.
I can’t believe you really came, he said with a cold voice.
I couldn’t either, that’s why I had to personally come see it, she added with a calm and controlled voice.
I missed you really much“. Wait, wait! That wasn’t what I came to say. Oh no, I started crying too but I just couldn’t stop the flow.
I’m sorry, so so sorry!”, I hid my teary face behind my hands. “I know I shouldn’t tell you this but it’s the truth, I really miss you!… I didn’t come here for that, I originally came to apologize, to take the blames, the indifference, the coldness. But I can only think of how much my heart hurted when you went on together and I was left alone. How much I wanted us to hang together again. I’m really sorry, I truly am. I am not alone anymore and I chose to drive you away but I still miss you and somehow I can’t ignore that anymore! “
I almost yelled this confession, I kept my face hidden but I had stopped crying. There was now an awkward and heavy silence. I moved my hands, took a deep breath and raised my head. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. It was her, Charlotte was looking at me smiling and crying. “I missed you too”, she whispered, I hugged her tightly. When we separated, I looked at Jared. His eyes were warm and his smile was sincere. He came and hold me, us. We were once again stucked to each other, except for the fact that now, they were a couple. I sat down and caught up on their lives. Charlotte was secretly engaged to famous photographer, Alfredo Ricardo Nuñez. Jared had taken over the foundation and was the forefather of a  work school, where disadvantaged teenagers and adults could learn handy work and get an official legal diploma out of it. Jared, himself, was a renowned carpenter-architect, his wood and wood-like works were praised all over. But I was kind of shocked.
-Aren’t you and Jared together?  I’ve been seeing lots of articles about you being really close.
– We are close, silly. Close friends but no more than that. She said laughing. Our last fight brought him and I together. It made it easier to comfort and motivate ourselves. Also we met our goals less difficultly.
– That’s right. And Charlotte already told you, she’s secretly engaged to Alfredo.
– Why are you keeping it a secret? And Daisy? I thought you wanted to give her a home.
– It’s true but she doesn’t need one, we’re just supporting her until she can go back to her real home. After that, I’ll start traveling the world with Alfredo and while he expose injustices I’ll try to help the victims.
– Yeah, she’s going to do a lot of humanitarian work worldwide.
– You always felt happy helping people. But wait, did you say real home?!
– Yeah, her mother is getting out of prison soon. I guess she’ll be at my party next month.
– You’re having a party, Charlotte. As your closest friend and partner I’ almost feel betrayed.
– Don’t be jealous Jared, it’s my engagement party but also I’ll be officially announcing my pregnancy.
– What-wait!? You’re pregnant!  She’s getting out!?
Jared and I were both shocked. But I guess I was more surprised. She was getting out. Jared and her weren’t together, she was engaged and pregnant. Too much to process at once, I thought.
Ric is hot for me, it’s only normal that something would have taken roots by now, she said winking at Jared.
And as for you, I’ll forward the invitation. It would be the best occasion to make amends with her. This is already long overdue.
– The press will love this attraction : a famous photographer, the country’s lovely humanitarian, an ex-convinct who’s case got nationally known, an ex successful businesswoman who’s company drowned because she had a breakdown, finally last but not less me.
– Your head is inflating. I only care about us being reunited again and me going from Charlotte Lewis to Charlotte Lewis Nuñez.
We talked a lot after that and exchanged contacts. I started thinking about everything I just learned, about how I expected things to go and how they turned out. I felt blessed and lucky, maybe Dad wasn’t wrong after all, if you do things right, good things would result out of it.
She finally came back to us.
-I’m still not sure it happened
She laughed.
Relax, Jared, it’s real life. What will you do from now on?
– I don’t know, what should I do?
You still love her don’t you?
– Yes, but I don’t know if it’s what I want or if it’s what it should be anymore.
Well you know me, I believe you should just follow your true feelings.

Karma – Part 10

If you think life can be crazy then let me show you crazier. This morning I headed to the building I had an interview in. It went well, they asked me questions, I had to write an essay on how I could safely entertain a disable kid for a day, they even submitted me to live testing by having me to take care of a kid for like 2 to 3 hours. I had a kid suffering from ADHD. I have to say the kid was simply exhausting, so hyperactive and impulsive. And he loses attention the moment you lose eye contact, literally. I tried making him do a coloring book, by the time I went to get him other crayons, he had already started to run around the room. I don’t know how his parents do with him, he needs constant attention, I heard it’s because his meds act slowly because of some other medication he’s taking. By the end of the test, I could barely keep up with him. The woman in charge said I did well considering that was my first interaction with a kid suffering from ADHD. After the test, there was a little lunch where you get to meet the parents  of the kid you were assigned to, it was nice, I actually learned a lot. The parents looked a bit tired, they were still learning to adjust, which I can so much relate to. When I got off the building, it was almost 1:00pm, it reminded me of my old job, at this time, I’d be coming back from lunch in the cafeteria or from some nice family restaurant if I had enough money to spare. Instinctively my legs brought me at the entrance, I was standing on the other side of the road to be exact. I most have spent 10 – 15mn looking at the building, lots of people were going in, lunch break was over and suddenly it became calm, infrequent entries and exits. I turned my back and bumped into someone, it was my roommate, she was running late, she was flustered maybe coming back from a lunch date with Arnoldo. She excused herself with a smile, told me we’d see each other at home and rushed to the building. I realized I hadn’t seen her or talked to her since sunday morning. I wonder how things were going with him, the hospital wasn’t so far, I could easily make it there. Before I knew it, I was already in the hallway requesting to see head nurse Arnoldo. I’ve been told, he had just come back from lunch and was doing his rounds and checking on the nurses. It would take some time. I decided to go home, he lived across the street, I could visit him anytime anyway. I went home, washed his T-shirt, caught up on some TV series, surfed on the web. That’s where something caught my eye, an advertisement for a barbeque sauce. I thought why not make the beach bonfire into a barbeque, it got me inspired and I started to work on the flyer. 3 hours later, I had finished and sent it to my friend who definitely approved it, all that was now left was to find someone able to manage a grill and also able to cook delicious seafood. At the time, I remembered Arnoldo saying he came from a beach city, where he learned to cook seafood and fish. Now the grill, I was thinking of asking one of the boys to do it but I also remembered that my roommate had excellent grilling skills. I guess it was fate, I had to bully them a bit more. I thought of asking them tonight and started the waiting game.
My roommate came a bit late with Daisy, I asked her right away and she accepted joyfully, really happy to help but mostly to go to the beach. After that, I took the T-shirt and went to Arnoldo’s place, I always forget he doesn’t have a normal schedule but fortunately for me, he had come back to get some papers, he was heading out and on the phone when I gave him the T-shirt and asked him to cook for my bonfire party, maybe because he was in a hurry or still felt guilty, he agreed at the same moment. I called my friend and told her I found the cooks, she asked to sample which led to a seafood sunday grill. I was glad, I had something to really look forward after what I’ll have to face on friday.
My roommate was so happy about having to exhibit her grilling skills that she asked me to come buy with her some stuff she could need. When we got to the supermarket, she put me in charge of Daisy and started her quest. I was really amazed looking at her doing her thing, so that’s what a true daddy’s girl look like. When we got out of there, she was looking through her, making sure she had everything. At the same moment, I saw at the street corner one man grabbing another’s butt while kissing shamelessly. The grabber went his way to an apartment complex behind them while the other got into a cab, cab which drove just in front of us making it really easy for me to identify the man in question, my dear harassing ex supervisor.

Karma – Part 9

On Monday, I wake up, I yawn, I get up, I eat, I drink, I shower, I get dressed, I style my hair, I put make up on if I have to, I take my stuffs and leave. Normally I walk or take a cab to work and walk to college but now I’m out of work and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to go back to college in fall. Although I do have that summer job to look forward to, which is where I was heading this morning. There was a last interview today, the final elimination round and if I was accepted, I’d get to attend the week formation, after that I’d officially be hired.
The building the interview will be held in is in the middle of the city, which is where was work and at a 20mn bus ride from college. The apartment I live in is at 15mn by car from the city and more or less the double afoot. Today I’ll be walking there, which give me a lot of time to think of yesterday morning’s awkwardness.
Sunday morning, I opened the door, slightly dozing and was shocked to find my roommate standing in front of me and to make matters worse, Arnoldo was coming from the back, only wearing a boxer. For sure, they were both surprised to see me here but they couldn’t bring themselves to ask me directly why; Arnoldo, because he still felt guilty of drinking too much and as consequence probably had no memory of what happened after he passed out, and my roommate couldn’t ask because of, you know, the “discretion plan” so I don’t find out about their relationship. I thought of teasing them more but suddenly my phone buzzed. When I looked at it, it was the mail notification, I could clearly see the senders : the bank, the college counselor and the friend I bumped into the other day at the shop, sadly nothing from the supervisor. My rapid crash to reality had just wore me out. I excused myself from them and went to the room to get properly dressed (I was wearing one of Arnoldo’s t-shirt I found last night), after that, I quickly washed my face and entered the living room. The atmosphere was really tense, Arnoldo was sitting at the edge of the sofa and my roommate at the opposite armchair. I thanked Arnoldo for yesterday night’s folly then said I’d bring him his shirt back after I washed it (my last mischief on that subject), I also talked to my roommate, telling her we’d see each other at the apartment where I’d probably be catching some sleep. The look on her face was priceless and I gotta say, a bit satisfying. Maybe I have a bit of a sadistic part inside of me. When I got home, I found a hot pot of some calming herb tea on the kitchen table, I took a cup and went to my room. When I got there, I sat on my bed and started sipping tea (which was delicious by the way) and reading my pending mails. The first one was from the bank, it was a notification that an appointment had been scheduled with the advisor and that I should imperatively be there to meet him on friday afternoon at 2:00, the second one was from my college counselor advising me to come meet her on friday morning at 8:00 sharp, and the third one was from my college friend who wanted to meet for brunch today at 10:00 so we could plan the party. As I was about to email her an excuse, my phone started ringing, it was an unknown number but I answered anyway.
– Oh hey, I’m so sorry I’m not here yet. My ferry was late due to maintenance.
Oh it’s you… No, don’t worry abou-
– Ah, you weren’t there yet. I’m so glad! I’m embarking now, I have to hang up now, the wind is pretty strong today and you might not hear a word I say.
No no no no… Wait..
– See you at the Waffle Place. If I take too long, you can order, I don’t mind. Well going now, cya.
(Oh no no no no! )
Now I had no choice but to meet her at that brunch place, a bit close to college, really popular with the students. I took an express shower, put the first airy dress I found and my favorite uniform boots. I was so rushed that I almost forgot my light jean jacket. I was in such a hurry that I applied the oil to my hair and styled it with my fingers while I was walking to the way there. When I got in the city, my phone started ringing, I prayed she wasn’t waiting there already. It was just to notify me that she had just  got out of the ferry and was less than 10mn from the meeting point. I sighed of relief, I was almost there too and I was just sitting down myself at a table when she entered the shop. She was red, it was obvious she rushed here. She apologized many times and finally sat down. We ordered and she went directly to the subject. She told me she reached out to me because I was the most friendly girl there, I know most students there and practically everyone knows me. We ate and discussed the different options and decided to do a late afternoon bonfire party at the beach, the last weekend of July. It was a great idea and I must say I got really excited about our planning. I was responsible of the invitations and food and she’d take over the rest. The brunch was delicious and we spent the rest of our meal talking about ourselves. She invited me to a flower viewing garden tea party that one of her club was hosting and I kind of accepted right away because of this lightly cheerful mood. I could say it was simply magical, the garden was full of flowers just floating to the sky, the juice cocktails were so sweet and the pastries were absolutely exquisite (if I may say). It was a really great event, I totally forgot about my worries and my friend helped me so much with that, she was simply fun to be around. At the end of the event, I left her there because she had to help cleaning, we promised to meet up this week to check out the different suppliers. I was almost skipping on my way home. When I got there, it might have been 5 or 6PM. I didn’t really bother looking out for my roommate and went to my room. As I looked myself up in the standing mirror while I was undressing, I realized I had some flowers petals on me. It inspired me to take a fragrant bath milk. I filled the bath with water and poured at 2 cup mix of milk, honey and citrus essential oil (thank you really much dear roommate) then got into the tub. So relaxing, for 20mn, I even forgot where I was, fortunately I had programmed a timer. After that I showered and went to bed. I slept like a baby that night and couldn’t feel more refreshed when I woke up this morning.
Life can be enjoyable sometimes.

Karma – Part 8

There’s only word for me right now. Pitiful. That’s it.
Since I discovered things have been lovey-dovey between my roommate and Arnoldo, I suddenly started to detect their every attempt to keep their love relationship discreet. And as pathetic I may seem, I enjoy sometimes messing with them. How? You may have thought. Well, simple, they tried so hard not to be seen that they make it easy for me to screw their plans. There was this time when she had to “buy food” at a new restaurant “she heard so much about” because “she didn’t want to cook” that day. Normally, I would be like ok, be careful, don’t take too long”. But now, it was more like “let’s make this a family dinner ” and impose myself on their romantic dinner. When we arrived, he was already there, the poor guy, suited up, looking hot and gorgeous as always. He was so cute with his single rose while waiting at his table. She obviously couldn’t reach him to cancel, she was so embarrassed. I felt guilty and bad for a moment but I wouldn’t back down now. Eventually he notices her and his face literally lightens up but then he sees me and his sincere smile disappears. I smile, wave at him and go straight to him while dragging along my roommate and Daisy.
Oh, nurse Arnoldo. Are you alone?
– No… Actually, yes. My friend couldn’t make it.
Ah your friend? I see a rose, is it possible you’re seeing someone? Oh my God, such a great man as you,  she should be an exceptional woman also.
– Ah… Um… It’s not that… Um… Type of relationship.
Oh I’m sorry, I must have said too much. I didn’t mean to stick my nose in your business.
– No, it’s not that. My friend and I… We were kind of… Um… Meeting to celebrate… So that was kind of a gift. Errr, just to be nice.
His attempt to cover everything up was so cute, he was already averting our gaze and even blushing a bit. As for my roommate, she was silent and looking everywhere else except in front of her. Fortunately for them, the host came to show us our table, that’s when I hit even harder, almost forcing him to come eat with us. I spent the entire dinner keeping them from each other or making them uncomfortable. It was so fun. But Daisy started sleeping and her mother jumped at the chance to get out of this. She was about to excuse ourselves to Arnoldo when I said I’d stay with him instead of going back. She was obviously surprised but she couldn’t say a thing. She muttered a cold goodbye and almost stormed out of the restaurant. After that, abusing of Arnoldo’s kindness, I forced him to accompany me to a bar. Since I still couldn’t technically drink, I made him drink instead while shamelessly having an ambiguous conversation with him. He was so embarrassed, but just as I was about to push his last button, my manager showed up. He greeted us and asked if he could join. Arnoldo couldn’t dream of a better saving situation. Now it was awkward for me but I didn’t let it entirely ruin my fun. I still teased Arnoldo and sometimes my manager would help me. It was kind of fun, more of a relaxed atmosphere. To cover up his embarrassment and to dodge the questions, Arnoldo drank a lot and found himself drunk pretty soon so we had to drive him back. When the manager parked in front of his building, we both helped him climb the stairs and  enter his apartment, we even put him to bed. As we were heading outside his room, my manager asked me if I thought about his proposition and what was my answer. I was sweating and tongue-tied. He started approaching me and before I could even understand what was going on, he dragged me to the guest room and closed the door. I was panicking, not scared though, even a bit impressed he localized another room so soon quickly. He started touching me, my waist, my back and (oh surprise) my booty. It was pretty enticing, manager seemed skilled,  his touch and caresses heated up my body and I almost gave everything up to him. Just then, Arnoldo hit a bunch of stuffs and groaned, we both laughed. He realized I wouldn’t let myself be swept away again tonight and stated he had to go. He asked if I’d like him to accompany me to my building but I declined and imposed myself on Arnoldo again. His reaction tomorrow is going to be hilarious I thought as I slowly fell asleep.
Ding ding ding ding ding ding…
What is that annoying noise!? Half asleep, I let myself be guided by the source of the nuisance and instinctively opened the door. At the entrance my shocked roommate and suddenly showing up behind me only wearing a boxer, Arnoldo.