Abruë – 01

She has a pretty face, 

She has curvy body, 

She has a beautiful voice, 

She has that wonderful smile, 

In many many ways  she looks amazing.
She has a gentle personality, 

She has a very soothing approach, 

She gives sounds advices, 

In many many ways, she’s a smart woman. 
She is kind, she is generous, she is lovely, she is encouraging, she is inspiring, she is charismatic. She is like a goddess within reach. Everyday, she comes out of her house ready to push someone to climb the ladder and every night, she comes back satisfied to have reached her daily goal. 

So many followers, so many fans. So many haters, so many skeptics. It does make sense that one or two would bound to investigate and stalk her out-of-the-spotlight life. But even so, she’s so private, maybe too much. 

And that’s maybe why, she couldn’t be saved. 


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