Twenty One Pilots 

I’ve been listening to Twenty One Pilots’s music a lot lately. So I did a basic research online and found that, like a lot of X Ambassador ‘s music, the lyrics and the group are about damaged, troubled persons, or people with mental health issues. So I sat there for a second and reflect on it a bit and the main recurring question would be, am I a damaged person? Although I have been dealing with depression, anxiety and phobias, I do know I have bagages in the mental health squad, a troubled person? I could agree to that but a damaged person? I don’t know what to say. 

 Maybe it’s because their music has been getting to me more than it should and it’s making me doubt myself. I don’t think I could relate to abused people, to psychos or others in that department, I could sympathize with them but not more than that. But is it all there is to belong to the damaged shelf? 

If it is, then I guess I should be grateful I don’t belong then. 


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