Codependency (2/2)

They never met because she wasn’t ready yet to dive into this lifestyle again, at least she thought so but he never mentioned it either because he was afraid she’d disappear for real this time. They took their time, getting to know each other again. 

2 months later, he was having a private celebration with family and friends for the release of his collection of poems. My piling love, he called it. He asked of her to come in a formal white dress, so she did, but never could she have imagined that they’d get married that day. All the guests were as shocked as she was but she couldn’t bring herself to say no when he asked her. Of course, they moved in again together. He still acts as spoiled as ever but she discovered a caring side of herself also. 

She loved to know that he’d only rely on her like that, that he’d only behave this way with her, she felt special. Although, she was enjoying this side of their relationship, she didn’t assume all the responsibilities in their relationship, she made him take charge of some of them. And sometimes, he’d had spontaneously done things, for the sake of their love, he grew up and continued doing a little little bit over time. Their marriage was happy. He was still codependent, she was still caring but somehow, they found a perfect balance that keeps them happy.  


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