To protest 

Vegans, ecologists, feminists, etc… A lot of the protesters tend to be harsh, agressive and hurtful. 

If I want to use plastic bags instead of reusable bags or other alternative is my own preference. If I’d like to eat meat until my belly explodes, again my favoritism. So what that I’m black and don’t feel concerned about today’s racial insecurities? Because something is wrong by your eyes as well as possibly generally and universally wrong doesn’t give you the right to attack me, as long as it isn’t illegal or a cause of moral issues, I am allowed to live how the hell I want. 

I see people throw paint on people wearing fur, women trying to shame housewives, vegans trying to almost make you do suicide because you still eat meat… And it’s wrong… On so many levels. 

The problem is that people don’t try to freely inspire or talk anymore. We’re more into advertising, arguing and imposing. And it might possibly be the result of our poor listening and the fact that we’re gradually getting more self-centered (it has nothing to do with me). 

Disputes, misunderstandings, demeaning, war, war and war would have a bigger impact, right? 


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