Happiness and Misery

The contrary is also true. 

 I cannot stress enough how difficult this is when the sick part in question is actually the mind. How can I gather all my positivity and strength when I’ve lost it all already? 

It requires great willpower, which I’d probably not possess at the time. Sometimes these are pretty words, sometimes these are encouraging. I guess it’s a question of a timing. 

What works well though, as bad as it seems, is to know/ see/ hear other people’s struggles and it will work even better if their experiences are worst than yours. Your life in comparison seems better and you get that little inch of hope. Also, if this person recovered, it makes you feel like you too can climb mountains. 

It’s not joke why motivation speeches are now a business and why all type of support groups are being created.  We all share with each other, we all support each other, we all are truthfully naked to each other and we all get to improve with each other. A good sponsor can become a new family member and the others might be of great support when in need, there’s nothing like a professional to help you get out of a situation. You’ll never go to doctor for home design advice, well only a struggling fellow like you can catch you in time before your vices get the best out of you. 

But overall, it should all be in a good mindset.

 If all you do is look down on people, or envy those people then you’ll only keep walking backwards. 

Well, not all the common things work for everybody, there are some exceptions to most of the rules. But I’m pretty much confident that if you could have resolve the problem by yourself then it wouldn’t get to the point where others might think that you should attend meetings or you’d be thinking about asking for help.

Happiness and misery come hand in hand, if we don’t lose sight of the one we qualify as better, there’s no way that the other can keep dragging us down and sink us. The dilemma though is to keep choosing happiness as better


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