Keep quiet and wait for… 

Everyone has to face a nasty situation, a situation where your opponent has overpowered you and you don’t seem to find any way out head high, the only solution is to admit defeat, swallow your pride, bow down, run away heads down and therefore enter the club of shame. 

At those difficult times, if you weren’t in the wrong, some people will still encourage you, trying to help you get better. If you ever mention revenge or something similar then the wisest ones, the peaceful ones, the calm ones, those types of people will surely say something alike :

“Karma will take care of them”, “God’s will we prevail”, “Don’t worry, they’ll have it coming” or “What goes around comes around”.

Although, it might come true in the future, most of the time the villain still reigns until he’s no more. Life ain’t Pokemon where Jessie and James always end up flying into the sky, it’s not a telenovela where the antagonist ends up punished or in jail or dead and it surely is not a fairytale where you’re always certain the good ones will vanquish and the evil ones lose everything in the end. Life is a constant battle for balance. 

There has to be some sort of cohabitation of two opposites so life can still go on. 

So humans could die, God cursed them with illnesses and such; so the insects and animal don’t over multiply, they all have natural predators lurking to kill and eat them; so the planet could still goes on living, it alternates between ice ages and warm ones; and so on… 

There has to be a bit of bad so you can appreciate the good, there’s this popular saying : “So there can be highs, there has to be lows.” You need to know what is sadness to treasure happiness and you need to experience hurting so you can taste relief. There needs to be the night so you can value the day and there needs to be shadows so you can esteem light. 

I’m not saying that you should lose hope or at contrary get revenge, I’m just saying that if you noticed that the situation is still the same, well it’s not that you’re unlucky, it’s not that you’re cursed or being punished, it’s more like something has to happen and be done in order for things to get better in the future; after all, massive amounts of slaves had to be mistreated, killed, tortured in order for us to value freedom and finally admit equality for every human being no matter their backgrounds, nationalities or skin color.

In the meantime, keep moving forward. 


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