Birthday wishes 

Today is my birthday. I’ve never received as much attention any day of the year and so much hate either. 

I feel lonely and alone but I still smile. 

I’m sad and upset, I don’t want to put up a fake front with me but I still pretend to be happy. 

Wishes thrown from everywhere but when I think of the real meaning behind them, they hurt me like bullets and my body has many gaping holes. 

I can’t possibly complain about their hypocrisy, can’t show their fakeness, can’t reveal that I know that as quickly as they hit send, they’re already trashing me between them. 

I still smile and smile and pretend because my mental stability depends on it, because my future happiness and cure depends on it, because if I were to unravel all the twists and lies, my eyes would dry and my body would cry, red. 


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