Fairytale in my future (1/2)

Nowadays, people are getting upset and mad at Disney (most famous in the industry) because it only releases animated movies of dependent young girls or pretty little bimbos waiting to be rescued and such. They say it has a bad influence on their kids and portrays a bad examples for the young minds. 

Well,  I, who still enjoy Disney’s animated movies, say : “My precious yet unborn children come watch the new Disney movie”.

Why?  Simple, fairytale stories are what they are => fairytale. Yes, they can be used to teach lessons and morals but they pretty much are beautiful stories to make the mind wonder. I’m pretty sure that half the word disagrees with what I just said and would respond : “Do you want your daughter to wait for a man to do everything for her? ” or “Do you want your son to think that women are helpless?”. 

Well, please read the scenario. 

7 – 8 years old :

Daughter : “Mommy, I want to be a princess”

Me : “No can do honey, because you already are. “

Son : “Mommy, I want to marry a beautiful princess just like this one. “

Me : “I’m sure the one you’ll end up choosing will be a beautiful girl in every way. “

9 – 10 years old :

Daughter : “Mommy, I want a husband like Prince Charming that will come from far away to save me and we will live forever happy in his huge castle.”

Mother : “I’m sure you do. But every princess must have a good education and be able to save themselves first in case the prince gets delayed.”

Son : “When I grow up, I’m gonna find myself a beautiful girl that will adore me and that I’ll save from dragons, demons, show off my skills and marry her. “

Me : “It’s a good thing to be reliable. But don’t only rely on your physical skills, you have to prepare your mind, heart and soul too. “

 10 – 11 years old :

Daughter : “Mommy, today they asked me at school what I wanted to be and I said princess that takes care of a castle and kingdom.”

Me : “Baby, anywhere can be your castle and the man that you love won’t be nothing less than a prince to you and the place you’ll settled with might even be better than a castle, as long as both of you are together.”

Son : “Mommy, I don’t like Mullan, she is a girl but she acts like a boy. I won’t ever marry a girl like her. 

Me : “Or she can be the one that will motivate and challenge you to get even stronger. More than the beautiful princess that stays at home, she’ll travel with you and can live your awesome adventures together.”


Daughter  : “Who would stay around sleeping for a boy to come wake you up?? Tsk.. 

Me : “I’m really happy to hear that. Now, I’m sure that you won’t wait around and ask your single crush out. 

Son : “Like girls would take on archery and battle against boys. So unlikely to happen.”

Me : “I’m happy to hear that you value a girl that would work hard and compete against you. “


Daughter : “I so wish men were as romantic and chivalrous as Shrek. I do everything by myself. Well, at least I don’t stand around in a tower, pampering myself. If he’s not coming to me then I will go to him.

Me : “My little baby has grown so much. “

Son : “Those stories sure take me back. My girlfriend cares as much for her hair like Rapunzel as she cares about her career. She relies on me but I’m sure she could do great by herself.”

Me : “My little boy found himself a keeper. As long as you love each other, it will only reinforce your relationship.”


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