I’m done 

I’m officially done fighting with my father. 

I had this speech over and over, in my head and out. People keep finding excuses for a man that’s more than 50 years old and has not one, not two, but four children.

The others don’t mind, don’t complain or don’t care. Me, I can’t take this anymore. 

I can’t let him influence my life anymore.i can’t let him ruin me and make bitter to dissolution. 

I am not about that life anymore. 

And if we have to come down to hands, feet and verbal assault, I don’t care, it has to end. 

Lord, I’m sorry. I know it’s a sin to go against the one you put us with as parents. I hope you’ll have mercy on my soul because I won’t change my mind. 

I will not back down from this confrontation and I will not turn my back on my own desperate cry for help that’s been fading hopelessly inside of me. This is over and I couldn’t care less if the rest of my family supports me or not. 


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