Past the deadline 

You gave me one week to seriously think about it, to analyze thoroughly your proposition and take a decision. You made me promise to think it through, to dream about it, to imagine the option you were offering but I postponed it. 

I procrastinated this ticking idea without thinking of the consequences, I impulsively put myself in a corner, the last minute corner. I had forgotten all about it and when I saw the clock, it reminded me of the time that had passed. I rushed to the calendar, hoping for a few more days as I was searching for the written entry. 

I had been in complete oblivion and denial for one entire week. When I looked at the time, it was 11 and the day hadn’t officially ended but I distastefully remembered that it was already the morning for you. 

You lived across the planet, so far away from me and you probably watched the sun clean away the night from the sky, waiting for my call, at the same time it washed away all my hopes and desires of being yours again. 

Your wedding probably took place uninterrupted, smoothly and as it ended, all of your feelings for me had to slip away from your heart. I’m a fool for letting love go away, I’m an idiot for taking time for granted and I’m stupid for giving life the golden opportunity to rip me out of your mind and to snatch you from me. 


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