“Wins” Newsletter #3

Today, a few good things happened. Here are some of my wins for the day :

  1. I’ve been meaning to finish a story for an event I’ve signed myself in and tonight, a few minutes ago, I just put the final stop. 
  2. I received a gift from the mother of a special friend. I haven’t seen her in a long time. I was really happy to see her again and greatly surprised by the unexpected gift. 
  3. Today was a very cool and sunny day. I’ve enjoyed the slightly hot rays of sunshine. It was a really beautiful day to be outside playing with your overexcited rottweiler 😉. 

That’s all for today, there were more but I think those 3 are enough. I feel more than content with what I have experienced today ☺.

I guess if you really think about it, there are always some good things that happen everyday that you don’t notice. 


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