All for my baby. 

​Under the street lights 

In a gloomy rainy night

I dropped my baby 

In a crafted basket on someone else’s porch. 
I didn’t mean to abandon my sweetie. 

I love my sweetheart so much. 
But the most I could do, 

I always knew,

The only thing, the only gift I could have given her

Was to bring her into this world 

Was solely to give birth to her. 
You don’t know how much I’m hurting 

To step away and hear her cry

But it’s worth my bleeding 

If it can keep her dry. 
I can’t raise her right

Because everyday is a fight. 

A fight for food, for shelter,

Sometimes I even get my water from the sewer. 
She’s my little sunshine 

And I’d love to forever call her mine. 

But I can’t only think of me, 

I have to walk away, I must leave  

While she’ll still able to not remember me. 
I have to grieve.
I just want her to have everything that she could need. 

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 8

4 . Write a Story/ Poem using Prompt Theme – UNDER THE STREETLIGHTS


One thought on “All for my baby. 

  1. Miracle :) says:

    This is very heartbreaking to abandon a child. Her reason was convincing though. Hope her baby gets a good life as she wished for.
    Good use of prompt theme.
    Congrats for completing challenge no.4 💐😇

    Liked by 1 person

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