The ravishing smell 

​Flying through a field full of petals

I’ve been following this one scent.

It’s been days 

And I’ve been through the field so many times 

But I won’t give up, my antennas don’t lie

The others may laugh as much as they want 

But I know that this odor is real. 

A subtle musk, an enchanting smell 

The flower it emanates from must be a wonder

I’m drooling at the idea of the delicious nectar awaiting 

My members won’t stop fidgeting 

My wings flap nervously 

At this point, I’m barely flying, more like planning. 

I’m anticipating my reward and it takes over me. 

Finally, I find it.

A small flower with round pink orangey petals

I feel like every hair of my black and yellow fur is dancing 

The other bees at the hive said I was too young, too inexperienced 

That an exquisite perfume isn’t to be trusted 

That a flower with such a delightful promising syrup is bad news. 

But here I am, walking on those soft petals, 

Madly sucking that sweet nectar.

I’m entranced by it, seduced by the odor  

So much that I don’t see those green giant petals slowly closing, 

So much that I didn’t even feel the glue sticking to my body

So much that I barely felt the acid, diluting me. 

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 8

2. Write a Poem using below two prompt words  – * ENCHANTING      * NECTAR


4 thoughts on “The ravishing smell 

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    Poem Title : The Ravishing Smell

    Challenge No : 2

    Challenge : Write a Poem using below two prompt words –

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