“Wins” Newsletter #2

Today, a few good things happened. Here are some of my wins for the day :

  1. My dear brother and I reminisced our childhood today by playing checkers and cards. It’s been so long since we did. You can say we connected again in a good way. It was fun and cool that we could behave together, without fighting or insulting each other since we drifted apart as we grew older. 
  2. Tonight will be the first night in a long time that I haven’t touched my laptop. Having a deadline for many documents I had to write, I’ve been literally killing my eyes everyday watching the bright electronic screen. Tonight I’ll rest, so buh-bye computer. 
  3. Today, I bonded with my father 😱😨. It’s weird that we actually had a good day that didn’t end up in a dispute or us yelling at each other. We even had dinner together as a family, him, mother, brother and I. And it didn’t even feel weird, it felt even right. We had a wonderful moment together. I’m still amazed by what happened, so much that I’m on the lookout for bad news. But nothing came up so I guess it was one of these days. 

    That’s all for today, there were more but I think those 3 are enough. I’m really thankful for those moments of happiness ☺😇😃

    I guess if you really think about it, there are always some good things that happen everyday that you don’t notice. 


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