The “Wins”

I’ll make a proper intro later (maybe not) but right now, I want to start the positive thinking. Depressed, pessimist, realistic, all of those don’t really influence a good representation of life. I’m grounded and although my head is always on the clouds, I would never think I can live on them. 

So here comes the wins theory :

It was inspired by this article The Wins Coincidence (this is really crazy). The man was saying that he had been unemployed for years, also that he had trouble with his girlfriend at one point and I think he said he’s a true pessimist. But he took a tip from the world sensation “The Secret” and started writing emails of his personals “wins” (which could be anything good, from waking up to a good date with his girlfriend) to his friends who were willing to receive them, a handwritten newsletter.

I liked that so I decided to do the same. And since I already have this blog, you, my dear readers and followers will be the one burden with the daily “win” newsletter. Maybe it will upset you, maybe it will inspire you (it’s the first time I’m directly addressing to y’all, I feel weird 😶😅). Anyway, I’m not doing this to boast or brag, I do expect something out of it. A positive view of the live, sending good vibes to the universe, inspire people not to lose hope… Maybe… I don’t know. I just don’t like the idea of keeping such a sarcastic realistic non-enthusiast idea of life, I might end up a too bitter and sour old lady if they wouldn’t have killed me years ago. 
Starting today, start expecting / dreading my “wins” newsletter with at least 3 of my personal “wins”.🤗🙂😘


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