Hair Facts 

Sometimes you just feel like… 

And sometimes you’re in a certain mood only because… 

Now to my naturalista sisters out there, surely you heard this comment before  

Because of that, people tend / want to touch or smell our hair

Sometimes, they need twice the warning… And a bit of threatening 😜

One of the biggest discovery of my journey for great hair care

I personally think it’s a myth 

Now, while I do treat and care for my hair at home. I do seek help from time to time, whether it’s from a professional or from a person experienced in hair care, #shoutouttoyall

Attention : With bigger hair comes bigger responsibilities and… A lot of sass

But also a bigger head

Now, this pictures perfectly my obsession with my actual hair “state”

There’s something about accepting all of yourself, even if it’s hard. At the end of the day and of the struggles, you feel empowered. Because I have a crown people 👑 

Now, that’s just me bragging 😁 

Anyway, whatever hair you’re rocking 

A parting way influenced by Gossip Girl (no, I’m not into it!  Only watch a full season out of boredom😰. Okay, you’ll never catch me alive saying I like it  🤐)


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