You’re everywhere 

I’m on verge of losing my mind 

All I can think about is you 

When I close my eyes, I can see you. 

I stay away from you, yet you’re everywhere I am, everywhere I go, everywhere I was.

I can’t visit any of my memories, any of my spots, talk to any of my chums, you knew them all, you impregnated them. 

I wanna stop. Stop being related to you. 

I wanna start anew, have a fresh start far away from you but it’s like you can track me, like we’re magnetized and so attract each other. 

And now, all I can think about is to go meet you, see you, smell you, intake you all, all for myself until I can become you. 

Forget about my bad history with you, let’s do new more messed up memories baby until I can’t get up. 

Because I failed to totally reject you. My drugs abuse shall start all over again. 


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