If I cheat on a cheater, what does it make me? 

I have an easygoing personality because I just let you do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t bother me but I also have a difficult character because as much as you offer yourself to me, as much of you that I “own”, I get possessive and suspicious. 

It’s in my nature not to trust people, specially men since I’ve come to been raised this way by my irresponsible of a father. The biggest impact he’ll ever leave on me is how the choice of a partner is something must be done thoroughly. Even a once time thing with the wrong individual could put you in so much misery, you’d wish you never spoke to this person. 

I wonder if I cheat on myself, what will it qualifies me as. If I betray my values and ignore my criterias. If I go on the opposite way I’d have normally despised, I wonder. And if I go even deeper in this concept, if I betray the new path I took and go another way,  getting me further and further away from the principles I had at the start, what would that make me? 


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