I bet two

I caught one wonderful fish in the sea. 

It’s sparkly, it’s pretty, its scales are round, sleek and smooth. 

It adorns many vivid and nacreous colors. When put under the sun, it shines beautifully. 

I bought a big aquarium,  I decorated it and put in premium algae. In that beaming interior, the fish looks even more beautiful, it’s like a fish kingdom with it as a queen. 

I bragged about it to all my friends, in all the circles I hang out. They wouldn’t believe me, they asked for proof and I showed her off. My precious possession. 

My friends and acquaintances got jealous and bitter. They badmouthed me and said that it was mere luck that I caught it. They said that I couldn’t ever catch another one like it again. 

I took the bet. So I went to a good spot and started fishing. I waited and waited and finally caught something. It wasn’t a fish but it was an injured jellyfish. 

I was afraid at first that she would hurt me but it seemed like she couldn’t due to her condition. 

I was afraid my fish would get uncomfortable with the jellyfish so I made her her own tank by taking a little space in the fish’s aquarium, her habitat wasn’t as beautiful as the one I gave my first sea prize but it was liveable. I treated the jellyfish, comfort it her and little by little, I gained her trust and she started shining under my touch or when she knew I was looking. 

I started spending quality time with her but the fish would get lonely and her colors would fade so I’d go back to her but then the jellyfish would throw tantrums and electrify her tank, leaving a mess for me to clean later. 

But I still kept her because she was beautiful and entertaining. Both of them wouldn’t let anyone else near them and my friends got jealous again. They said I was only able to tame the jellyfish because she was wounded. So I bet the happiness I had with these two and confidently went fishing again. But little did I know that the jellyfish had broken the panel separating her from my queen and they they both have met.

When I came back home with an ordinary eel, the water in the aquarium was dim, I rushed there and none of my catch was there. They let themselves be taken and I would never see them again. 

And to this day, I still regret it painfully. 


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