My world is you. 

My first memory of you talking to me 

Was that of a long line of angry customers waiting for me to finally cash your products.

You kept flirting with me, asking for discounts, saying cute things that made me blush and crush all my defenses. 

At the grocery store, at the pharmacy, at the bookstore, at the game center, at the private pool and gym, you keep popping everywhere the poor me works always flirting, always asking for the next free thing. 

I’m not that stupid, I know you only talk to me because of the perks, I know you wouldn’t even look at me if I didn’t have any of those jobs. I see the girls that come around you, I see the ones you put your arms around, I see the one you pin to the wall and touch with your hand all over even in public. But I don’t care, it’s the only way I can get your attention, the only way I can get you to notice me. So I will take even more part-time jobs, at a men’s clothes store, at a sports specialized store, the liquor store,  wherever you shop. 

This sexy smile when you look at me while you ask for coupons, the short wink you do that makes me feel like time stops, your passionate gaze that burns me and those lips from which come such sweet words. I will do whatever possible to keep enjoying them, to monopolize them, you for those few minutes in which I am your world. I only need those few minutes to live on for hours and even days so I will selfishly do my best to make them happen. 


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