Karma – Part 14

My heart once belonged to my family. I had values, I put my faith in my efforts and had hope for the future. But now, I’m almost as rotten as those I used to pray for at church. Now, I’m the master puppeteer, plotting and pulling the strings from the shadows. And the only motivation I need is my greed. 

I chose not to attend all the dance. I chose to spy on my department chief. I chose to betray him to promote my career. By not really going to the dance, it was obvious that I would not spend it with Charlotte or Jared and I could see from here their disappointed face, unfortunately for them, this sight didn’t weight very much in my balance. I also chose to betray my roommate. That night, I made the worst decisions of my life and that night led to all my regrets. I wish I never lived that night. 

First, I dressed awesomely. I looked stunning. Despite the fact that my friends were expecting me to choose between one of them, I spent my only  hour at the dance having fun with everybody. I took pictures, talked to everyone, made myself memorable. When I was sure that the attendees would remember me there, I took French leave. I made sure nobody saw me leave so I could possibly argue that I was there until the end. The perfect alibi. 

I walked a few blocks, turned right and climb into a black car. Daisy’s father obviously had it well to be able to afford such a beautiful car. On our way to my apartment, we discussed the plan again. As planned, I gave him the copy of the key I made for him. With this key, he would enter our apartment, scare Daisy’s mother enough for her to feel insecure about living in this city and move away. This way, we would both have what we wanted. 

After that, I would sneak in the hotel and put camera recorders, in the room the chief and his lover had rented, with the help of a maid I already paid good money for it. All that was left to do would be to monitor the recording from afar, burn it in a CD and anonymously send it from another city to the CEO. 

All of those were done, until I got stopped at the train station by Jared and Charlotte. Apparently, they had been following me since I left the dance. More like Charlotte had been following me since the beginning. What happened was they weren’t satisfied with my carefree behavior at the dance. The stupid competition they had been into couldn’t be settled with a draw, they needed a clear winner. So they followed me with the unbreakable determination to force me choose but little did they know what I was setting in motion. 

When they saw me get out of a strange man’s car in front of my apartment, not actually go to my apartment but head to the city and watch the man walk to my apartment, they thought it was odd. So Jared got out of the car to make sure everything was okay and Charlotte continued tailing me. It seems like things went sour between my roommate and her baby’s daddy so Jared had to intervene. Everything turned out disastrously and it was an alarmed Jared that had talked to Charlotte before hopping in the first cab in direction of the train station. I had already bought my ticket when Charlotte hailed my name. I was surprised but decided to ignore it and keep on moving. Well, it was the plan but stubborn Charlotte walked to me and turned me around. She looked anxious and pale. 

“Don’t do it… “ she says. I feigned ignorance but she was persistent. “I need you to come with me instead”, she added but I still wouldn’t listen. “I have to go. “, I firmly replied. I turned my back and was about to walk away when Jared forcefully spin me around. With his hands still on my shoulders and gazing at me with a predator’s stare, he briefly ordered : “You can’t go. ” .  I was sincerely shocked. Never did I saw Jared with such a severe and serious look on his face, he never touched me this way before nor had he ever talked to me that harshly and it made weird. Part of me felt warm, almost hot, excited and wanted to know and feel more but the other part felt nervous and insecure like he had unlocked something inside that I never knew about. And I got confused, angry. I wanted for him to talk to me more, to touch me more but I couldn’t possibly come to terms with those sudden urges and emotions so I pushed him off. “Let me go “, I said, furiously and desperately, fighting back. But he gripped my arm and repeated the same words again “You can’t go”.

Charlotte nervously spilled everything. How Daisy’s father freaked my roommate out so bad that, and in a moment of folly, she attacked him. He didn’t expect such instability from her and was caught off guard, the blade of the knife got unhesitatingly in his neck, cutting the artery. He bled rapidly to death. My roommate had been arrested for deliberate murder and the only way for her to prove her innocence was for me to come to the station and confess. But I didn’t want to sacrifice more for my roommate. No, I didn’t want things to turn out this way and yes, I was really sad for her but admitting what I knew would get in the way of my plan so I refused. My decision led to a big ugly and loud argument, between Charlotte, Jared and I, which ended with me difficulty and decidedly walking away and finally boarding the train. 


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