I stand in the dark alone 

I stand in the light alone 

At dusk, I watch the sun set alone 

And at dawn, I watch it rise alone. 

I was born alone 

And I will also die alone .

By the Creator, I will be judged alone 

And I will be rewarded or punished alone. 

I will set my path in this World alone 

And I will fall or rise alone. 

The things I feel, it will affect me alone 

The things I do, they’ll be blamed on me alone. 

Everything that concerns me has a full impact on me alone 

And everything that comes out of it will be cast on me, alone. 


4 thoughts on “Alone 

  1. askriverbed says:

    Reminds me of a quote somewhere – pray as if it all depended on you, and then act as if it all depends on God. You are not alone. But I admire that you take full responsibility for your actions. thanks for sharing your heart.

    Liked by 2 people

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