0.00 cash

I’m a stranger with no potential 

A poor example.

Though you took the time 

To come find me 

And bring me back.

I’m not like you, 

I can’t evolve, I can’t grow 

That’s the last extent of my abilities .

I’m dumb, I’m tired, I’m soaked, I’m numb. 

Your cries and emotions slip on me like I’m made of plastic 

While my owns drain from me like when you empty a bathtub. 

I got no brains, no means, no ways. 

I got no heart, no money, no fame. 

Respect is a word I hear people talk about and my body, with all those scars and burns, disgusts more than it attracts. 

I’ve spent my life as a bum, begging, fighting cold, rain, heat, snow, wind and sun. 

My tongue has never touched anything worth more than 12 bucks top. 

Nobody would even agree to buy me for 12 bucks. My organs are weak and no good for transplant, so nobody ever pays attention to me. 

Nobody stops to look at me, to talk to me, to listen to me, to give me money. I know more about trash than sanitary probably ever will, most of my dinners come from there. 

But you… 

You, dentist maniac. 

You took the time, you went out of your way, you impatiently listened to my slow explanation, you impulsively took me to the back of your cabinet and fixed my yellow teeth.

You kept coming, bringing me food and dental accessories and before I could understand, you took me in.

Just like a stray cat, I went from bum to pet and I’m so grateful that I could barely endure the hurting of not doing anything in return. 

So I ran, back to the streets, back to the dark, crassy corner where I’ve always been, where I belong. But you came again, under your umbrella, and just like a prince, you hold your perfectly manicured hand to my dirty self. 

And I can’t say no because nobody ever wanted me before, because nobody ever looked at me before. 

And I can’t help but being so happy that I cry.


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