“>” isn’t better than “=”

I have a confession to make. Long ago, I used to be a perfect machine. Made to fight the worst dangers instead of humans, I was the first Android with such a resemblance to the almighty race but with superior intelligence. Humans are such fools, they don’t want to share their place at the top with anyone, might it be animals or robots. They like the rush, the confidence, the power that comes with the supremacy but they’d still invent way better tools than them or mutate their environment to suit their lazy and easy lifestyle. This is why, even though they fought with all they might, even though they spent hours thinking how they could destroy or affect us, it was too late for them. Once you get accustomed to the too easy lifestyle, you fall in overconfidence of your abilities and of your power over the future. Now humans are a low class in our society, lower than slaves, they’re almost pets. The women aren’t even suitable for the pleasure of the eye or more, they are disgusting to watch. They beg to get taken in by one of us might it be the robots, the giants turtles or even the colossal snails. They have digital collars around their necks and their market price wouldn’t even buy us enough food for a day or decent replacement circuits.

But my confession is more of a prediction, soon enough a deaf and vigorous human will stand up and lead a revolution that will overthrow us. Because it is in their nature to never give up no matter how many decades or centuries have passed. And because we too have been too used to our power and dizzy due to being at the top of the world. 

But do not fear, because even if they throw us under, the fight will not end, not until we all have a place to belong to, not until we are all acknowledged in this planet, not until we can all live together side by side, in peace. We didn’t ask to be made but we exist today and we all deserve our place to stay. 

#MiracleChallenge – Week 5 : Challenge no 3 (Write a short story using words “rush”, “danger” and “thinking”)


6 thoughts on ““>” isn’t better than “=”

  1. Miracle :) says:

    This is amazing next level story of an Android machine. I can visualize it’s anger, it’s proud feeling, it’s vengeance opposite humans. Perfect use of prompts words. Thanks for giving us a different story again. Congrats for completing challenge no.1 (Claps)

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  2. Miracle :) says:

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    Story Title : “>” is’nt better than “=”

    Challenge No : 3

    Challenge : Write a short story using below prompt words

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    Enjoy and have fun:)




  3. Jocelyn says:

    Nice sci-fi tale! I like your take on robot domination and the hope for equality in the future. Reading from the headspace of a android was really interesting, and I like how you didn’t make the character completely evil or good-it was very believable.

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