Unrequited love 

I’m sorry but I can’t understand how you’d ditch your best friend for some stranger you despised in the beginning. 

I get it, you fall in love and it’s uncontrollable but it still isn’t forgivable for me, well maybe because I was in the front at the comforting live session. 

My friend had eyes over his best friend for years, childhood friends, next door neighbors, elementary middle and highschool classmates also attending the same university, they’ve been together for as long as they can remember. They both never had serious relationships, they would get dumped or dump the partner within 2 or 3 months, it’s like faith always wanted them to be completely focused on each other. 

So imagine my friend’s despair when some rude guy came from out of nowhere with the only goal to seduce his bestie. He took it so badly, he got sick to his stomach and spent a week bedridden. Within this period, bestie didn’t notice because so busy with the boyfriend. And concerning my friend’s illness, what was supposed to be a wake-up call, a sign to move on became the start of his downfall. Since then, he would get ill often, as often as he’d see them together. The bestie barely noticed him thinning because of the constant puking, his pale skin because of his increased time spent involuntary spent in bed and his doomed face like he was condemned or cursed for eternity because of this lovely sight of new romance. 

Finally, after many interventions, we got him to snap out of his deadly situation and little by little, he was getting back to his old self. Problem is the bestie needed an ear to complain about her “not-love-interest” (pure denial maybe, I didn’t care to figure it out). And just like that, he started nourishing false hopes and one day after being forced by the bestie to chaperone them, he shout out his feelings to her and kiss her in an invitation to respond to his confession. Well, the potential boyfriend didn’t take it well, he separated them and kissed her too in a clear possessive way and a dazed bestie asked for seconds right after. 

My friend looked like he seen a ghost and I never heard from him again, which pretty much explains why I was so shocked to see him not only back to school but nicely chatting with the idiot couple like nothing happened. After long observation, I finally realized that his fake smiling face covered nothing but emptiness.

As we has heard so many times, it was like the lights were on but nobody was home and it scared the living daylights out of me, it was like seeing a soulless human or a living ghost, it seemed like there was nothing left to be saved . Over the days, I  eventually understood that the cold empty shell he was now was an extreme reaction to avoid the pain. But as it reached it limits, it broke and he exploded in a mix of rage and tears, it was really sad to watch. The next semester he transferred to another college in a foreign country and bestie was demanding and bitching about how she got abandoned, attitude he finally ignored by cutting all ties with her.

You could have thought, it would be the end of it but she tracked him down until she found him, saying that she wouldn’t let go of the only best friend she ever had in life  and it started all over again. Now he is in a “relaxing center”, trying to get all those bad voices, as he called them, to shut up. Now she’s visiting him, trying to blackmail him to getting back to normal : “If you really love me, please snap out of this, I can’t live without you, [boyfriend] and I miss you so much”. We would have loved to smack her out but only when she’s with him does he seem normal but only to do worse after she mentions her so loving boyfriendAnd this is how someone can fuck up another human being’s life. 

I guess the heart wants what it was but it’s so messed up to ignore the feelings of someone who confessed to you and to force that someone to be beside you when they can’t  have you. There are so many different versions of this story, people in love with their friends but that can’t get away from them. Life is so unfair. Some people are natural born bullies and I would even go as far as to say psychos. 


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