In this town – forever

#MiracleChallenge – Week 3 : Writing Prompt no 3. Write a Story using words : TRAIN – RELIEF –FLIRT
A tourist in this wonderful old little town, I never expected to stay there forever. 

It all happened when I met this little girl from outside of town. She came to pick up food for her older brother, everybody seemed to know that family. Apparently the older brother didn’t have much of a good reputation : from thief to gold digger and even junkie or sex slave there wasn’t a nice comment about him. The only thing people would sympathize with was his little sister, it seemed like he loved her to death and was doing pretty well at raising and protecting her. She was quite cute, adorable and was considered an idol here. Pretty much everyone looked out for her. The main reason I got interested in her conversation was that she needed a nurse or doctor because her brother hadn’t woken up for more than 16 hours. As a freshly licensed nurse, I must say I felt concerned and mostly curious. This trip had been offered to me as a congratulatory  gift but there’s no such thing as a complete vacation for a medical servant, am I right? The local doctor went away for a week and the little girl would have to take a 3 hours train ride to get to the next city and still would have to search for a competent and trustworthy doctor. 

I kindly volunteer, even showing her a picture of my diploma on my phone (thank God for my vainglory at that time) and my identification card so she could verify my identity, I must say she was pretty clever. After that, she accepted my help and took me to her brother. She carefully observed me while I examined him. I chuckled many times as she’d immediately turn her head beet red after I caught her keeping sharp and heavy objects close as potential defense weapons. I quickly figured out what was wrong with the brother. He had an acute infection and probably passed out from the pain. He was pale and sweaty, his skin was cold on touch and his belly on the left side was swollen. As a known and notarized hypochondriac, I almost have a pharmacy in my bag so it was pretty easy to find something close enough to cure the infection. With help from the sister, we made him tea and got him somehow to drink it, it fortunately brought him instant pain relief. A few hours later, the big brother was as good as new, he still had to take some pills for the infection but mostly he was okay and definitely out of danger. 

The grateful little sister offered me to stay for the rest of my vacation and as the days go by, I found myself crushing over him. It surely didn’t escape the little sister who started playing cupid and matchmaker. Most of the time he would play it off or flirt outrageously making it pretty clear he was nowhere interested in me but the little sister had taken a liking to me and wouldn’t let it go. So when the time came for me to go back home, she was devastated and started throwing tantrums. Maybe as a consequence or because he didn’t dislike me either, he asked me to stay and to give us a chance. He promised to let go of anything that could bring shame to his sister since she was of an age where she would start noticing things. This proposition was for me as good as an actual love declaration or a proposal and in a swing of a second, I threw my hands around his neck and kiss him. This instant was better than anything I imagined and he really seemed into it. So I decided to stay, I threw my old life to the trash can and move in with them for real. The little sister couldn’t be happier and so was I. I became the doctor’s assistant and he started working as model and a host for a 4 star restaurant in the next city. My life felt like a pink cloud of happiness. 

Unfortunately, I forgot that there’s always two sides to a medal. The sister quickly turned on me as I started to impose a few rules on her wild behavior and her brother would side sometimes with me. One faithful night after I had scolded her badly, she hit me multiple times on the head with a thick piece of wood, when I opened my eyes, his brother was covering me with soil not too far from the house. I could hear him cry and asked for my forgiveness as he ultimately sided with the not repentant psychotic sister. As I was gradually disappearing under the ground, I started thinking about those last three years together and finally expired. 

I just hope he can get over his brother complex and run away from the little devil with an angelic face before it’s too late. That was my last wish. 


6 thoughts on “In this town – forever

  1. Miracle :) says:

    Omg. The end is very heart breaking. How could the siblings do such a horrific act to an innocent.
    Your story kept me engaged. I was reading without a blink and my heart beat was rising too. 😅 Excellent job, Laylah 👍😃

    Cleverly written story. And the seamless use of prompts. 👏👏👏😃
    I think you have completed all the challenges for this week. Right??
    Amazing 👏😇

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  2. Miracle :) says:

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    Kindly, everyone read and inspire each other to write.

    Happy Blogging !

    Enjoy and have fun:)




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