Rambling – my black identity

I am black.
I am not Afro-American, I don’t have African ancestors, I don’t have dark skin and I am not from the mother continent.
I am simply black.
I don’t want to be put in the label attempts that keep confusing more and more the new generations about ethnicity.
I’m not criticizing those who do and I’m not complaining about the people who keep coming with more ways to say it.
This is my opinion on my skin color, on my natural appearance. I don’t need people to walk on eggs towards me when referring to such a trivial matter just because they’re scared of using the inappropriate and shameful word “black” and because their skin is a different color than mine. I am not going to hide from it or fix it.
Sure there will always be people insulting, judging and carrying mixed feelings about me just because I belong to the people with the darkest skin color on earth.
But it won’t bring me down because haters are always going to hate and I won’t ever be able to please everyone that I encounter in life.
I embrace and accept my natural self from head to toe and accordingly the pigments  present in my epidermis. So I guess there’s not much that I can add because I never felt anything wrong with it, because I never stopped to analyze such matters. I never noticed since it has always been normal and natural to me, like a nose on my face or breathing, nobody question those.
I might be privileged though since there are multiple uproars because of the numerous of all the wrongs done to black identity holders.
I just hope I don’t ever get to change my mind, might it be because of racism, unfairness or shame nor because of extremes fanatics digging even more the pit by trying to differentiate black race even more from other races. I don’t ever want to feel like me being black isn’t normal or me being black is a blessing putting me equal or above the others, I don’t want to ever have to analyze such thing.

Dedicated to my friend having personality issues in the great north. Stay strong girl and stop thinking that there’s something to be worried about. You, black, white, yellow, red, green, blue will always be awesome. 😉 😀


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