Karma – Part 11

If I could resume my day in one word, I would say blissful.
Today, I got a surprised call from a friend back home. He was coming here and needed a place to crash. I said I’d help, because I’d be able to kill two birds with one stone. First, he was of great support when I was in town and second, I have an idea of where he could go and with that, I’ll be able to tease my roommate and Arnoldo more.
Then I went to pick up Charlotte at the dock. She took the ferry and didn’t know how to get to the park. On my way over, I think I saw Arnoldo but I wasn’t sure. Normally I’d walk to the man and ask but I was in a hurry. I had to pick up Charlotte at the dock, then Jared at the train station and bring them to the family park next to home.
I’m happy Charlotte talked me into organizing the party, glad I get to finally return the favor to Jared and get to tease the “lovely” couple right under my nose.
Frankly, it went well. Charlotte seemed a bit uncomfortable though, it would happen that she’d behave strangely. Jared was his usual friendly but reserved self ; on the other hand, my roommate was fretful and Arnoldo was awkward, the perfect atmosphere for me to bother them..
At the end of the day, the BBQ was enjoyable. The food was good, everybody’s mood came around and we had a great time.
But somehow, I just know this won’t ever happen again.


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