Tips 01

Hair journey is a bit of a hassle :
People with slick hair want volume, people with voluminous hair want handling
People with thin hair want a less fine hair
People with dense hair want a more manageable hair
People with natural hair want a less troubling hair

And to achieve this, there are lots of hacks :
To have voluminous hair, it’s best to use rolls set or a curling iron.
Voluminous and dense hair can be kept in updos or braids, hairstyles that allows the less handling possible. You can also depend on good moisturizers.
Thin and flat hair are a real nightmare for their handlers because they find them dull and lifeless. Onion, garlic, oatmeal, plain yogurt, eggs and avocado are a few of the ingredients that have a good result on those hair. It supposedly makes it grow stronger and gives you more hair (giving you overtime a dense and thicker hair).
And finally natural hair is a bit of long journey requiring an alternating regimen between moisturizing and protein routines.

Well those are tricks I learned from handling a lot of my friends’ hair and from hours of research 😉
Maybe it will help you too😇â˜ș


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