Karma Part 11 – (Charlotte’s POV 2/2)

I was waiting nervously by the dock. She promised she would come and pick me up. Today was the day I finally get to spend some time with her (and the cooks), but I’d still get to be with her.
She came almost running, she was 10mn late sure but there was no need to be in such a rush.
Maybe she just wanted to be together soon too.
That thought made me blush, of course it wasn’t the reason, I was the only creep expecting more here and creating excuses so I can see her. She approached me, it seems like she was floating, she looked so light and cheerful, simply adorable. She excused herself because she was late but also because we’ll have to make a stop and pick up some friend of hers that would also attend the food tasting. I kept smiling but the truth is I was furious inside.
Who was this friend and why did he have to come too?
We walked fastly to the station. It seems like the friend was from her hometown. There’s no way I could compete with that : first love is unforgettable. I sat on a bench while she was trying to locate him. She suddenly started to wave and in no time she was embracing some cute guy. He was really happy to see her. I could see it in his eyes, he deeply loves her. His eyes are warm and sweet and locked on her, there’s no mistaken : he’s a clear rival.  Albeit, she didn’t seem to act differently around him, she treated him more like a special friend. It was obvious he was dear to her but more like a pet’s love : lifetime friendzone.
This new piece of evidence made me shudder and gloat :
I have all my chances, she’s definitely not in love with him.
But at the same time, it makes you wonder if he -who lived near her, knew her since she was little, had history with her- is still friends with her while it’s certain he wants more, do I -who was just a mere stranger some weeks ago- have any chance of actually winning her?
Those thoughts troubled me a lot and before I knew it we were at the park. She introduced us to the cooks : one was a hot middle-aged foreigner while the other was a really beautiful woman. They were both awkward before we came in which kinda gives out their relationship (either they’re still trying, either they broke up). But what really surprised me was her transformation as soon as she got there.
She became a quota mischievous, she had that sexy evil grin and obviously enjoyed teasing those two. I wonder which one made her react like this.
I was getting jealous. The cooks, the boy, there were too many people involved now. I kinda wished I could tell them all to leave the both of us alone.
But it would be stupid and idiotic. I’m only just an acquaintance throwing a party with her.  There’s no way, I’ll ever have the right to say something like that.
So I smiled and faked my enthusiasm through the day.


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