Learning to draw

Take a pen. No, not a pencil, a pen. Choose whatever color you like.

Draw a straight vertical little stick in the middle of the paper, that will be your base, the common ground.

With that much, you could add some other sticks and a circle and draw a person or an animal on fours. You are limited by your imagination and your will to put in on paper.

It’s not easy when you’re just starting and there will be lots of mistakes, surely what you draw might not even look like what you wanted or had in mind and it might even be downright ugly.

Because it’s a pen, there are little possibilities to erase what you just drew and no possibility at all to just undo.

Most of the time, everything will look like a big mess and there’ll be no fixing left. If you keep drawing and fixing, it will only worsen.

But don’t worry, you can always take another sheet of paper and start anew and by keeping on trying you’ll surely draw something good, beautiful, something you can be proud of.

And there are so many sheets left, all you have to do is keep trying and whatever you do with your work or how you use it’s up to you.

Welcome to life.


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