The sunny kid

It used to be my mother, my father and I.
Always together, always spending our holidays in the sun. My mother loved the sun so we would go everywhere just to be able to meet it.
The fact that my father was a young master and my mother an only heiress made those trips pretty easy for us.
Whenever we felt like it, whenever the season got colder, we could sail, drive or fly to a warmer place.
It fitted us so well, we had so many pictures of us in the sunlight that we ended being called the sun family. Imagine our distress when my father’s right hand stole everything from us : our money, our possessions but mostly our freedom of the sun. My father did his best to give it back to us but it was a really exhausting lifestyle for him and soon enough my mother died from depression and my father of exhaustion, all that is left of them was me, photo albums and an hypocrite world.
My mother couldn’t live without the sun and we couldn’t afford to just move to some tropical island without any source of income. My father was a good man but he never really learned to work more than what he had too. And there was little me who only was raised seeing them happy and competing with the brightness of the sun.
What will little ignorant me do?
I was taken in by some relatives who couldn’t give a damn about me. I soon caught the eye of the eldest son who’d do everything I asked for. The youngest son came to like me and proposed to me.
Nice and cute isn’t it?  But it wasn’t that type of proposal, he was ambitious and clever and saw my natural charm, it’s true we got well with each other but he befriended me on the name of business. He took me away and established a company based on the power of mine and other girls’ charms. What’s good is that he never forces us to do anything we didn’t want to. We were less than 10 so he would meet with us pretty often, expose his short term projects, talk about our advantages, the risks, what we could benefit from it, select those he thought suited his plans and convince them to take the job. As I was a pioneer, he started consulting me and years later made me a partner. It was a decent luxurious lifestyle. I could have ended up worse and was blessed I got to be able to meet the sun again whenever I wanted.
I moved my parents grave to somewhere really sunny (11 months a year, near a desert, could qualify as an oasis except it wasn’t threatened by water depletion). I get to travel how much I want thanks to my partner’s business. I get to meet powerful people and feed of their greediness and I get to have one unconditional friend, who would never betray or leave me until death tears us apart.


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