Learned from experience

It’s hard to take a round turn and take the right road.
It gets more difficult when your transportation gets quicker and less private.

It’s impossible not to shed hair, even the healthiest hair will lose a few strands.

If you close your eyes for a few seconds , then open them, the world will still look the same but your resolution might take a boost.

“I love” is as sincere as “I hate” nowadays, it’s understandable because words linked with profound feelings don’t matter.

“I wish” is just a few steps closer of “I have”, you can build the bridge if you set your mind to it.

You don’t always need someone to feel welcome, bring the mat with you.*

For five “if”s, realize an option.

I am so much more than myself. Sometimes I am someone’s something, whether it’s an ideal, a motivation, a challenge or an example to follow or to avoid, I represent something.


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