Karma Part 11 – (Arnoldo’s POV)

This morning I woke up before the alarm. I opened my eyes and kept starring at the ceiling, shortly after the loud sound of the alarm started ringing.
I sighed, turned it off and finally decided to get out of bed.
At first, I sad on the bed, starring at an empty space as my feet searched for the slippers. After I found them, I got up and went to the bathroom, time for the morning pee, then I washed my face and brushed my teeth. When I was done there, I went to the kitchen where I fixed for myself a light breakfast : toasts, butter and coffee. I ate at a fast pace than usual while watching sunday cartoons, I didn’t want to think too much. After that, I washed the dishes and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Then, I went to my bedroom where I put on a 3/4 sleeves blueish green T-shirt, a pair of grey jeans, a pair of sandals (sometimes the neighbors look at me weirdly when I wear sandals but I don’t care) and a light spicy perfume. When I’m done, I look for essential things like my keys, my sunglasses, my wallet and squeeze a bit of cream in the palm of my eyes. I, then, head to the living room where I comb and style my hair, I take a last look to see if I didn’t forget anything then I leave after locking the door.
Once I was out, I put on the sunglasses and head to the supermarket. I promised that girl that I would demonstrate my cooking skills today so I have to buy the supplies I’ll need : mostly spices, lemons, vinegar and some aluminium foil. After that, I made a stop at the fish shop in the town where I bought the seafood. I was done and prepared, next step was to prepare the food, cook it and grill it. As I was walking on the streets, I saw her. She was rushing somewhere, she looked light, cheery and happy, she was smiling. I couldn’t help but think that she was pretty, a young pretty girl with a mischievous attitude. I still remembered how she teased me at the bar and stayed in my apartment afterwards. I still feel embarrassed, how can a grown man like me let such a young girl put his drunk and in bed. And worse, the woman I fell for, the girl’s roommate, completely misunderstood the situation, we still haven’t have a proper talk to clear the air. Exactly what I didn’t want to think about, the cold atmosphere between my darling and I. I don’t think she’ll be at the little family park today where we’ll have our grilled seafood brunch / picnic. Wait, the park is at north of our apartments, shouldn’t she be setting things up there?? It’s almost ten o’clock. Maybe she’s picking up her friend, she did say it would be a taste test too. Well, I guess I’ll be the first one there.
On this note, Arnoldo headed back to the area of his apartment where the park should be.


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