Karma Part 11 (Jared’s POV)

What starts out intensely will surely ends quickly.
What starts out vigorously will soon end up drained.
What starts out is obviously meant to end someday.

I was looking at this poster for what seems to be hours now. I took the early train this morning, I got admitted into that prestigious college in the city. I had been learning to work easier with wood at home by assisting a master carpenter and taking those weekly sculpture classes. It’s been more than a year since I started and I exposed my first piece at the local gallery last month. Although the critics were mostly positive, it ended up infuriating my father who said I had to attend a proper school now and get a serious degree also. If you ask me, I’d say he was angry people were also badmouthing his son’s poor education, after all my father had always been conscious of what people were thinking and saying, mainly after mom took his money and ran away with a much younger guy when I was in middle school. I get it, I mean it must have been hard to see the one you love leave you behind because I, too, had to bear such a pain.
The girl I had a crush on, for as long as I can remember, had to leave town for good; chances are she wouldn’t set foot here again any time soon.
” Passengers…”
I must say I don’t know when what, firstly, started out as affinity grew up to be this strong lingering feeling.
The train will now arrive in…”
Well it doesn’t really matter when or how it did, it has become like this and I doubt there’s something I can successfully do about it.
The doors will now open…”
Maybe I should try and actually tell her that I love her, well let’s start with like, love is a too strong word. I should call her right now before I chicken out.
*Phone is ringing*
Hmm, could it be that she won’t answer my call?  After all, I’m not sure she took my number that night.
(Her voice is as sweet as ever, maybe even more…)
Hey, it’s me Jared.
Jared, yes. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize the number.
– No it’s okay. Listen I just got here in the city.
What?!? No way???
– Haha, yeah solid truth. I-
– Want to come meet me?
(I panicked like crazy, what if she flats out reject me?)
– I mean if you can. I’m new here and I don’t have a place to stay yet, I was wondering if you could help me, you know…
(Big big lie, my father gave me enough money to stay at any decent hotel for a whole week.)
Oh… Okay, I see what you mean.
Well listen, I kind of am in the middle of something right now but I can’t leave you there by yourself either.
– Wait-
– No, if you’re busy-
(What was I thinking??? Of course she’d have plans.)
I have to pick up a friend downtown now so I’ll make a detour and come get you after, sounds good to you?
– Yeah, totally! I’ll be standing by the snack machine-
Hey, hey, don’t eat from that! We’re having a BBQ at home so if you’re down to it, you can join us.
– Yeah, you’ll save me from a bag of salt.
Haha, so like you to say that. We’ll find you a place to stay after that. I think I have an idea where we should start first.
– Oh okay, you’d be a life saver.
Haha, I try. I’ll be there in half an hour at the latest.
– Okay. Thanks again for doing all that.
No worries, last time I was in town, you helped me as much, you even came to a cemetery with me at night.
– It was no big deal really.
Haha, covering up your spooked behavior I see. Anyway, it really was an unexpected nice gesture back then and I really appreciated it.
– It’s what friends do. I’m glad I was able to help you.
Well, sit tight. I just left home, wait for me okay?
– Okay, see you soon?
See you soon.
This wasn’t such a bad idea after all.


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