Karma – Part 11 (Charlotte’s POV 1/2)

sw33tch@rli3 is writing…
   • Hum… I’ve got a confession to make.
    What started out as an enjoyment, 
    turned out to be extremely painful.
babe303uk is writing…
¤Oh wow, I can already feel my heart ache!
J_Surii and emogirl1001 is writing…
ΔHow can you even!?  This is totally ridiculous!
§Please let the girl express herself already.
sw33tch@rli3 is writing…
I never intended to be like this, I swear *crying emoticon*
babe303uk is writing…
¤So much feels about this right now…
J_Surii is writing…
ΔCan you read the future!? Can somebody explain to me how she’s already feeling???
J_Surii and emogirl1001 is writing…
§Woah, already crying. I get you sometimes I just feel like crumbling inside too.
J_Surii is erasing…
J_Surii is writing…
ΔGirl, just go ahead and talk before those two dehydrate. Whatever it is, we’re there for you… No matter what!
sw33tch@rli3 is writing…
I think I’m falling for one of my girl friends

I didn’t even read their messages, I immediately logged out and locked my phone. I was so embarrassed, confessing to my friends by text, but it couldn’t be help, who knows when we could ever meet again. Janira went back to her arabic country after her exchange program ended, Elizabeth moved back to England one year before graduation and Becka went to a spiritual journey in Australia, amongst the aborigines -she went there right after she saw a picture of her grandmother in aboriginal clothes and learned her father had been born in Australia. T
Janira, or J as we call her, is a practical and really rational woman, you often get the feeling that everything she says and does had already been thought and approved in her mind. Liz is all the opposite of J, sensitive, thoughtful, romantic, spontaneous and always daydreaming, she’s really your everyday nice, charming and a bit spicy English girl. Rebecca is more of your usual emo-wannabe girl, with dark clothes, vivid hair color and not so rare
mood swings, she makes her feelings and values to be heard loud and clear. And there’s me, the sweet all American girl, nothing really different; I’m really outgoing, cordial, friendly, respectful and loves helping people. It’s rare for me to be selfish or to use things to my advantage, I’d say it had never happened to me since I was a baby girl. We all met in high school, an elite private boarding school. Freshman year, outgoing as I was, I thought getting a group dorm will help me meet everyone faster, Janira as an exchange student didn’t really have a choice, Rebecca didn’t care where she would end up and Liz, wanted to make friends. It was really fun getting to adjust to each other. By winter break we were already friends and by summer break, we were already thinking of taking a trip together. When Janira left, we took a smaller dorm and when Liz had to move out, we took a private dorm.
They always understood me, they were my best friends. So maybe they could help me figure out my feelings for my college classmate. She was such a joyful girl, Liz would love her; but it was pretty easy to understand sometimes what was going on her life, her sadness and struggles would reflect on her face, Becka would definitely like that; she was so hardworking, organized, she was part of lot of committees as a consultant, people would just come to help get things done correctly,  I think Janira would have made her an ally. She’s so nice and sweet, has such a gentle expression. Am I really falling for her??? I always want to be close to her, I’m making up excuses to see her, like that party. I didn’t really need her, I could easily have done it by myself or with some other friend in college but I wanted her. Is it really strange that I’ve been watching at school? It’s like everything around her turns bright and flowery when I see her smile. But I’m scared, I won’t get to see her as much as I used to. With the college fees climbing and her on a scholarship, I don’t know if she will still be able to afford it. I have to do something about it. Actually I was already working on it, the Garden Tea Party we went to, the other day, was one fundraiser to help finance the students who would have to leave at the one condition that they’d have to help the garden club. I was stinking of other fundraisers and attracting new sponsors, the college couldn’t be more happy to get all that prospected money, let’s just hope, it would all work and I’d get to see her again everyday in Fall. Meanwhile, I’m really looking forward to the sunday barbeque dinner that I got her to organize so I could taste the food. Yay!! Really am waiting to see her again…


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