Purple smoke 2/2

It had been days now since I talked to Meheliel, not that I didn’t try but he wouldn’t let me approach him. He’s either locked up in his room, training or focused, practicing in The Garden. I once tried to enter The Garden but it’s the Earth-types’ territory, if you’re not invited or don’t have an authorization they become unwelcoming, so you better stay out and look from afar. I was getting out of options. Ambushing him was out of the question, I didn’t want to get in trouble with the higher up.
Braünh hadn’t come back to my room since the incident, I guess he’s punishing himself. I went to see him though but I guess he could see right through me, the fact that I was really sad Meheliel was avoiding me. I even wrote the little guy, still nothing. Then, one day finally, while I was enjoying my break at the park, he sat right next to me on the bench. “I’m sorry”, he said. I was so shocked, I couldn’t even talk. He was facing the ground, his black raven hair covering all his face, his hands were between his legs, nervously holding to one another. I tried to speak but nothing would come out.
I didn’t mean to act this way.
I was really mad.
You didn’t even tried to stop or punish him afterwards.
I know it’s childish and I tried many times to stop thinking and acting immaturely, but then again I would fail and I’d also be mad at myself.
I think I’m hopeless but I’ve training hard and more so I can control myself better and behave correctly.

At that moment, he looked at me with hopeful eyes. I smiled and chuckled.
– Don’t beat yourself that much little guy. When will you ever be able to act this way again?? It’s normal to be immature, you’re still a kid, relax!

But I don’t like that …

– Soon enough, you’ll grow and wise up and everything you do or say will have gone through your mind like a strainer or in your case a filter.

Yeah I guess, sorry about the garden…  I heard they were really rude..

– No biggie, I knew what to expect, I just tried anyway.
– Now listen, I’m sorry too about the purple smoke, Braünh knows he shouldn’t have and he’s punishing himself as we speak.

What!?  How!?

– He hasn’t left the facilities since then you know. I think you should go there once, to let him know it doesn’t matter anymore, after all you recovered quickly and still look as cute as ever.

He blushed. Since he always behaves so properly, I, also, somehow tend to forget he’s so young. He should get loose once in a while, oh I could help him with that.
– Hey, once I’m done with practice, let’s go get Braünh and fly to the Hot Waterfalls. They’re at the frontier of the water and fire territories. It’s like a peace zone, everybody goes there to relax and play from time to time.

Oh OK. The pet can fly!?

– Please don’t call him that to his face. And yes, more like he can grow wings when he needs it. He kinda is related to the wild shifters.

Wait, what!?  The vicious ones?

– Yeah, that’s why I can’t entirely tame him. I gotta say it’s one of the main reasons I like him so much. I, also, didn’t behave properly for a long time before you came.
He was glad. Perhaps he hadn’t realized yet that the main reason why I got a hold of myself was to keep ahead of him or at least stay at the same level as him, he motivate the hell out of me.

Beep, beep, beep…
Doctor, will my daughter wake up someday??
Pretty soon Mrs. But she probably won’t remember a thing since the accident. She hit her head really hard and bled for a long period of time, her brain has suffered of poor oxygenation.
-Thats fine, as long as she wakes up. Is she suffering?
Not at all, she’s under a large amount of morphine, she’s probably dreaming happily right now.
-That’s good.

Memories of my naive love


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