Karma – In Between 2

I wonder if you’d still like me if you knew the real me. Would you still live with me?  Wouldn’t you be disgusted if you knew anything of my past? If you knew what I did to one of your loved ones…
Today, I went back to Jared’s company. Just because I lost control and tried to redeem myself doesn’t mean I have to start anew. I just have to rectify what I’ve done wrong. Only after that, will I be able to successfully move on. Moreover, I deserve any bad treatment I might receive. Wearing my best suit, I look dignified, nobody would have guess that  clumsy old-to-be-an-intern was me. I looked more like a business partner, at least I won’t embarrass him.
Jared and I haven’t seen each other since that last fight at the train station. I chose wealth, comfort and… vices over him, over them. I wonder if he’s still seeing her, my cheerful friend. What am I thinking!?  She adopted Daisy! Of course, he’s still with her, probably married now. They gave her a home.
I walked straight to the receptionist and asked if I could see the president, she condescendantly looked at me and asked if I had an appointment. I said no but replied I was an old friend of him, she carefully looked at me, asked for my name and called his secretary. That suit was a good choice. She told me to wait in the lobby. I only had been sitting for 15mn, when someone came looking for me. It was her. She looked so different from before : neat, impeccable,  professional with a dash of color. That made me smile. She looked at me surprised then told me to follow her, which I did. There were pictures of her and Jared at their numerous activities on the wall. We arrived at a huge office. It’s true that she had knee problems since the incident. She couldn’t possibly take the stairs and she wasn’t really an elevator person (again, a unique and old attrait lure of hers). She closed the doors behind me and right after, from another door came Jared.
I can’t believe you really came, he said with a cold voice.
I couldn’t either, that’s why I had to personally come see it, she added with a calm and controlled voice.
I missed you really much“. Wait, wait! That wasn’t what I came to say. Oh no, I started crying too but I just couldn’t stop the flow.
I’m sorry, so so sorry!”, I hid my teary face behind my hands. “I know I shouldn’t tell you this but it’s the truth, I really miss you!… I didn’t come here for that, I originally came to apologize, to take the blames, the indifference, the coldness. But I can only think of how much my heart hurted when you went on together and I was left alone. How much I wanted us to hang together again. I’m really sorry, I truly am. I am not alone anymore and I chose to drive you away but I still miss you and somehow I can’t ignore that anymore! “
I almost yelled this confession, I kept my face hidden but I had stopped crying. There was now an awkward and heavy silence. I moved my hands, took a deep breath and raised my head. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. It was her, Charlotte was looking at me smiling and crying. “I missed you too”, she whispered, I hugged her tightly. When we separated, I looked at Jared. His eyes were warm and his smile was sincere. He came and hold me, us. We were once again stucked to each other, except for the fact that now, they were a couple. I sat down and caught up on their lives. Charlotte was secretly engaged to famous photographer, Alfredo Ricardo Nuñez. Jared had taken over the foundation and was the forefather of a  work school, where disadvantaged teenagers and adults could learn handy work and get an official legal diploma out of it. Jared, himself, was a renowned carpenter-architect, his wood and wood-like works were praised all over. But I was kind of shocked.
-Aren’t you and Jared together?  I’ve been seeing lots of articles about you being really close.
– We are close, silly. Close friends but no more than that. She said laughing. Our last fight brought him and I together. It made it easier to comfort and motivate ourselves. Also we met our goals less difficultly.
– That’s right. And Charlotte already told you, she’s secretly engaged to Alfredo.
– Why are you keeping it a secret? And Daisy? I thought you wanted to give her a home.
– It’s true but she doesn’t need one, we’re just supporting her until she can go back to her real home. After that, I’ll start traveling the world with Alfredo and while he expose injustices I’ll try to help the victims.
– Yeah, she’s going to do a lot of humanitarian work worldwide.
– You always felt happy helping people. But wait, did you say real home?!
– Yeah, her mother is getting out of prison soon. I guess she’ll be at my party next month.
– You’re having a party, Charlotte. As your closest friend and partner I’ almost feel betrayed.
– Don’t be jealous Jared, it’s my engagement party but also I’ll be officially announcing my pregnancy.
– What-wait!? You’re pregnant!  She’s getting out!?
Jared and I were both shocked. But I guess I was more surprised. She was getting out. Jared and her weren’t together, she was engaged and pregnant. Too much to process at once, I thought.
Ric is hot for me, it’s only normal that something would have taken roots by now, she said winking at Jared.
And as for you, I’ll forward the invitation. It would be the best occasion to make amends with her. This is already long overdue.
– The press will love this attraction : a famous photographer, the country’s lovely humanitarian, an ex-convinct who’s case got nationally known, an ex successful businesswoman who’s company drowned because she had a breakdown, finally last but not less me.
– Your head is inflating. I only care about us being reunited again and me going from Charlotte Lewis to Charlotte Lewis Nuñez.
We talked a lot after that and exchanged contacts. I started thinking about everything I just learned, about how I expected things to go and how they turned out. I felt blessed and lucky, maybe Dad wasn’t wrong after all, if you do things right, good things would result out of it.
She finally came back to us.
-I’m still not sure it happened
She laughed.
Relax, Jared, it’s real life. What will you do from now on?
– I don’t know, what should I do?
You still love her don’t you?
– Yes, but I don’t know if it’s what I want or if it’s what it should be anymore.
Well you know me, I believe you should just follow your true feelings.


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