Purple smoke (1/2)

Ah, is that you?
– Yes, I see you allow your… hum… pet in your room.
I turned around and look at him right in the eyes. I responded slowly and snobbishly :
He’s more than that, more like a familiar. That’s it! He’s my living educated fantastic companion.
– If that’s how you call tamed beasts these days.
My proud companion automatically stood up and started breathing loudly, those condescending comments had him excited. He looked at the boy in the room with really bright impatient eyes. He was obviously waiting for my approval to jump on him. I smirked and clearly meant a no with my shaking index finger. He looked at me disappointed and laid on his wide comfortable cushion, but before so he breathed out a huge amount of purple smoke on my guest. He smiled happily and rested his head on the cushion. My guest was still debating with the smoke so I opened the window, my room was at the edge of the Celestial Cliff- truth be told, the cliff was the side of a really huge mountain, this whole location was build at and around the peak of that mountain, it was so high that you could see the clouds beneath which is why it inherited the qualifier Celestial- the wind was pretty strong there, the reason why I almost always leave my window closed. The smoke evaporate almost instantly, blown away by the wind. I immediately closed the window, just in time before things started getting messy in my room. I thought I had done that until I saw him.
His hair was floating around his face, his eyes were burning with anger, he was obviously upset and I could easily guess why. The purple smoke is toxic and must be released every two days which is one of the reasons I accepted this room, normally Braünh should be staying with the other familiars in their own facilities which, you can believe me, is really spacious and customized to their needs. But from time to time, they’re allowed to follow their owner, but this is only permitted to the well-trained, as an excellent tamer and an elite, I was accorded the great permission to keep my familiar at all times but only if I could keep him in check. Normally Braünh would always behave well but Meheliel would always look down upon his kind and that made him consider the boy as his nemesis. So sometimes, he would do some child things to blow some steam, like the purple smoke earlier. The flesh of Meheliel’s chest was decaying, most of his clothes had been burned and he had crusted hickeys all over. It would take him an hour to completely regenerate but I guess it hurt anyway. Meheliel stormed out of the room and I felt so guilty, I guess Braünh too because he went back to his facility on the ground floor.

Memories of my naive love


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